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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Explaining How God Could Punish People Who Can't Comprehend Right or Wrong

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Do you agree that since Adam and Eve didn't comprehend the difference between good and evil, then it was unjust and immoral for God to punish them? Or do you think it's possible to read the story such that either Adam and Eve weren't ignorant of morality or that punishing people with such ignorance is still moral and just? If so, your solution cannot add anything new that's not already in the biblical text and cannot leave out any details that the Bible provides.

I just came to this same realization.

I googled "How could Adam and Eve understand an action was forbidden when they had no knowledge of evil, or negative consequence and this was the first result. For a long time I felt the story was to convey that they had sinned for disobeying a rule. Moral rules are in place to prevent pain and suffering, to keep order. There was no pain and suffering at that point in the story though, so now that I type this out perhaps the lesson to be learned is that if we are to punish a person for an action that caused harm, aren't those who were that person's creator's (creator not in biological parents but as in those who were responsible for creating that persons individuality and understanding right and wrong) equally responsible for the action that caused harm? We learn what is right and wrong from the actions we see from society as we develop. We are all responsible for failing those who inflict evil in this world. We have no right to punish them, but rather have the duty to help them.
—Guest PBParadox

intelligent guidance

I would not have given a choice to mankind a choice to be evil,selfish,etc. in the first place, and make an evil fruit if I was supposedly good. This way future generations would never have the word, why become part of their language,becoming a question.
—Guest Jose Diego

Then there was the tower of babble

Considering that at the point where the Tower of Babble was supposed to have been built all mankind was speaking the same language and pretty well getting along, then god came along and seeing that man was doing what he had demanded he tore it all asunder. The same irrational god's decision to punish Adam & Eve for eating a fruit might make sense. This is that god's greatest desire is just to f##( with man's collective heads and prove that he is the ultimate A$$ in the universe.
—Guest Borsia


You know, I never thought about the story this way. Looking back on it, it makes no ethical sense to give Adam and Eve a choice between "sin" and "goodness" because, to achieve such knowledge, they had to eat the apple from the tree. Talk about a Catch-22. I bet most people don't even notice that. I know I never did, despite about 4 years in church.
—Guest Miranda F.

Explaining How God Could punish people

For one strongman supervise his slaves, he invented god to secure his wealth, wives, make himself more powerful over others. Adam and Eve is just an entertaining story supporting his invventec powerful super being, that his invented god could punish and reward those who are obedient to him.
—Guest vida_elizalde@yahoo.com

god punish people can't compehend right

God is man best weapon to conquer enslave others. God is the best watchdog, cctv camera seeing others whether you are doing right and wrong.
—Guest vida_elizalde@yahoo.com

God does not play well with others

According to the story, god set Adam and Eve up for failure. Not only did he give than an order that he knew they could not obey, but he put temptation in the form of a tree right in front of them. That would be like putting a steak in front of my dog and telling him not to touch it.


God punishes because he is full of himself. See Job 38 - 41, Isaiah 45:9, and Romans 9. Read how often Pharaoh was ready to let the Israelites go, but God wouldn't let him, because God could not pass up an opportunity to show off. Exodus 14:4. Now shut up and bend over.

"God" is IMMORAL

This "God," if there were room in the universe for him, would undoubtedly be a self-made "Son-of-B**ch!"
—Guest Grandpa In The East
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