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Pledge of Allegiance: Information, History, Arguments

Was the 1950s addition of "under God" unconstitutional? Not only that, it's fundamentally immoral because it tells people that there is an inherent, officially supported connection between American patriotism and belief in a particular sort of god.

Agnosticism / Atheism Spotlight10

Quoting out of Context Fallacy

Every quotation is a quote without some context because you can't quote absolutely everything. A quotation becomes a fallacy of quoting out of context when you use a selective quotation that distorts, alters, or even reverses the originally intended meaning. A fallacious out-of-context quote can be done accidentally or deliberately.

Evolution Defined: What is Evolution and Evolutionary Theory?

Evolution can be a confusing term because it is used in more than one way. Many people in the general population have developed an incorrect understanding of evolution for a number of reasons. One is the misinformation spread by creationists - by misrepresenting evolution, they may hope that it will be easier to get people to disregard it. Another is simple ignorance of the topic itself and the specific ways in which science uses certain terminology.

Myth: Atheists are Fools who Say in their Heart 'There is no God'

Christians seem to love to quote the above verse from Psalms. Sometimes, I think this verse is popular because it allows them to call atheists

Atheism 101: Introduction to Atheism & Atheists; Answers to Questions & Mistakes

I see a lot of misunderstandings and errors about atheism and atheists all over the net. People don't understand what atheism is, what the definition of atheism is, or the difference between atheism and agnosticism. People claim that atheism is a religion, that it requires faith, that it's a form of denial, that there are no real atheists, and that there are no atheists in foxholes. This introduction to atheism answers most of the most common questions and mistakes about atheism.

Atheism, Depression & Meaning: Do Atheists Lead Meaningless Lives?

This is a very common claim heard from religious theists, especially Christians. It is also a very curious claim because it sidesteps the issues which most atheists would regard as central: does God exist? Is theism reasonable? Is atheism reasonable? By ignoring the important questions about the validity of theism and atheism, this claim is an example of the Red Herring fallacy, attacking an ultimately irrelevant issue.

Equal Rights vs. Special Rights

A common Christian Right argument against protecting gays' basic civil rights is that gays are seeking 'specia' rights unavailable to others. This is untrue, but it's rhetorically powerful and sounds convincing. It's also hypocritical because if any group in America is benefiting from and defending special rights for themselves, it's religious believers. Why do Christians favor restrictions on gays which they would never accept for themselves?

Ten Commandments: Basis for American Law?

Many argue that the Ten Commandments are the basis for American law and this justifies the creation of of Ten Commandments plaques, monuments, or displays on government property. Having the Ten Commandments displayed is thus supposed to be a way of acknowledging the roots of our laws and our government. But is this argument valid?

What is the Roman Catholic Pope?

The title pope stems from the Greek word papas, which simply means 'father.' Early in Christian history it was used as a formal title expressing affectionate respect for any bishop and sometimes even priests. Today it continues to be used in Eastern Orthodox churches for the patriarch of Alexandria.

Theistic Evolution & Evolutionary Creationism: Combining Evolution & Creationism

Theistic evolutionists vary in how they believe their god intervened in the evolutionary process because those beliefs are connected to subtle details of other theological positions. They accept modern science on the fact that evolution occurs and how it occurs, but they rely on their god to explain things currently unexplained by science (like the origin of life) or outside the purview of science (like the origin of the soul).

Types of Religious Authority: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives

Whenever the nature and structure of authority becomes a subject of discussion, Max Weber's tripartite division of types of authority figures inevitably plays a role. That is especially true here because religious authority is especially well suited for being explained in terms of charismatic, traditional, and rationalized systems.

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