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Pledge of Allegiance: Information, History, Arguments

Was the 1950s addition of "under God" unconstitutional? Not only that, it's fundamentally immoral because it tells people that there is an inherent, officially supported connection between American patriotism and belief in a particular sort of god.

Agnosticism / Atheism Spotlight10

Existentialism: Existentialist Psychology

Thursday April 17, 2014
Although the influence of existentialism on literature, art, and philosophy is not very surprising, its influence on psychology might be to some people. Understanding it better should help make it clear, however, that existentialism is less a philosophical school than a broader cultural movement that has involved a number of intellectual pursuits - all focused on the existence and importance of the individual human being.


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Forum Discussion: Religion as a Drug

Thursday April 17, 2014
To what extent do people join a religion or just remain in a religion because of the positive, even pleasurable, feelings it provides? This is an interesting question from the perspective of religious psychology, but it also has every practical implications for atheists. After all, if pleasurable feelings play a significant role in religion, then reasoned arguments and evidence will likely play a correspondingly smaller role.

Put another way, if people the more pleasurable religion is, the less relevant counter-evidence and counter-arguments will be -- but this is exactly what atheists rely so heavily on in their critiques of religion and theism. Are we, then, just wasting our time? Read More...

Christian Privileges: Hidden Ways Christians are Privileged in American Society

Wednesday April 16, 2014
The concept of "nonconscious ideology" was created to describe those ideologies whose implicit, unreflective, and uncritical acceptance help maintain their dominance in society. Sexism and racism are nonconscious ideologies in which the inferiority of one group is reinforced through a multitude of assumptions and interactions that occur outside our conscious consideration. The same is true with Christian Privilege: Christians are continuously told that they are special and deserve privileges.


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Unskilled and Unaware: Overconfidence in Self-Assessment

Tuesday April 15, 2014
Being mistaken about something is not by itself a flaw in a person's reasoning process, and neither is being unskilled when it comes to constructing and analyzing logical arguments. However, the worse a person is at such tasks, the less likely they are to realize it, the more likely they are to overestimate their abilities, and the less likely they are to realize that others' efforts are superior.


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