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Women in Islam: What is the Status of Women in Islam?

Photos and Illustrations of Muslim Women Covered by Burqas, Chadors, and Veils


One of the major points on which Islam is criticism by both Muslims and non-Muslims is the treatment of women. Under Islam, women often must remain covered, they are denied contact with non-related men, they can be denied the ability to get jobs and education to the same extent as men, they are treated as having less political or social worth than men, and they are discriminated against in a variety of ways. Muslim scholars may insist that this is for their own good, but does this ring true?
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Iranian Women in Full Burqas: Women are Worth Less than MenIranian Women in Full BurqasMuslim Women in Palanquins: Men are in Charge of WomenMuslim Women in PalanquinsIranian Women, Completely Covered: Muslim Men Can Marry Multiple WomenIranian Women, Completely CoveredMuslim Woman in Chador: Double Standards on Sex for Men and WomenMuslim Woman in Chador
Muslim Woman in Jaffa: Women Can be Taken as Slaves in BattleMuslim Woman in JaffaIranian Woman: Women in Islam Must Be ModestIranian WomanMuslim Woman From Egypt: Women's Lewdness Will Be Doubly PunishedMuslim Woman From EgyptMuslim Woman from Herzegovina in Concealing Clothing: Women Must be Concealed from OthersMuslim Woman from Herzegovina in Concealing Clothing
Muslim Women in Algeria: Women Have No Choice About SexMuslim Women in AlgeriaMuslim Woman in Cairo: Men, Not Woman, Make Decisions About PregnancyMuslim Woman in CairoMuslim Women in Tripoli: Women Have to be Pretty and Good for SexMuslim Women in TripoliIranian Woman Riding a Mule, in Burqa: Women Cannot Travel AloneIranian Woman Riding a Mule, in Burqa
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