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Science & Religion: Do they Conflict?

Are science and religion destined to conflict? Does quantum physics prove the validity of mystical insights? How did the universe originate? Is evolution a valid scientific theory? All this and more...

Is Popular Religion Derived from Egotism?
There is a lot of debate about whether science and religion conflict. Religious apologists commonly argue that, properly understood, the two are compatible. Materialists commonly argue that the two rely upon such diametrically opposed premises that it simply isn't possible for them not to conflict. There is one sense in which this latter view is...

Scientific Laws - What Are Scientific Laws?
It's common to see religious apologists preaching about allegedly scientific laws as if they were absolute, definitive truths. This sort of argument is very appealing to religious apologists because the existence of scientific laws implies the existence of a lawgiver. It also seems to make it easier for them to construct arguments that appear...

Unexplained vs. Unexplainable: How Theists Misunderstand Science
Many theistic arguments in defense of the existence of a god involve arguing that certain events that have not yet been fully explained by naturalistic science are unexplainable in principle by naturalistic science. Thus, the only "explanation" available is the supernatural, which according to religious theists establishes a justification for believing in their god. This is a serious misunderstanding of science because something unexplained is not necessarily unexplainable.

Bertrand Russell on Science & Religion
When two men of science disagree, they do not invoke the secular arm; they wait for further evidence to decide the issue, because, as men of science, they know that neither is infallible. But when two theologians differ, since there is no criteria to which either can appeal, there is nothing for it but mutual hatred and an open or covert appeal to force.

David Hume on Skepticism
Does a man of sense run after every silly tale of hobgoblins or fairies, and canvass particularly the evidence? I never knew anyone, that examined and deliberated about nonsense who did not believe it before the end of his enquiries.

Carl Sagan on Science
There are no forbidden questions in science, no matters too sensitive or delicate to be probed, no sacred truths.

Profiles in Courage: Galileo
From the Guide: Galileo is a seminal figure in the history of science. What sorts of religious opposition did he face in order to promote his revolutionary ideas?

Profiles in Courage: Copernicus
From the Guide: What did the Copernican revolution mean for humanity, and what sort of religious opposition did Copernicus have to overcome?

Technology as Religion
From the Guide: Some think that technology and religion are ultimately incompatible. But it can be argued that promoting technology is often caused by religious impulses.

Marriage of Sense & Soul
From the Guide: Can science and religion be integrated to the satisfaction of both? I'll examine Ken Wilbur's most recent book to see if he's managed to do just that.

Dialogue on Science, Ethics & Religion
Promotes knowledge about developments in science and technology within the religious community.

Bridging the Great Divide
"Most of the longing for reconciliation comes from the religious side. With a $3 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation, which is fueling much of the metaphysics boom with its considerable resources, a modest newsletter on science and religion was reborn this year as a glossy magazine called Science & Spirit."

Chicago Center for Religion & Science
Attempts to provide a place of dialogue between scientists, theologians, and other scholars.

Fitting the Bible to the Data
Israeli physicist Gerald Schroeder insists both science and the Bible are right.

Seeking Purpose
Physicist and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne cannot accept the possibility that mindless chance operates in the universe, so he hunts for a cause for it all.

Science Confirming Faith - Should Theologians Use Science to Confirm Faith?
Much ink has been spilled on the question of the nature of the relationship between science and religion. Most writings in this area can probably be classed as either attacks on religion's perceived encroachments on the scientific realm or apologetics for religion's insistence on knowing better than scientists - sometimes even in fields of...

Facts vs. Faith - How to Believers Separate Facts from Faith?
Debates about the nature and value of faith occupy a great deal of time in conversations between Christians and atheists - and it's a frequent subject for believers as well. It's not a concept that has been given an especially coherent and straightforward definition, unfortunately, and that's especially serious given just how central 'faith' is...

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