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Transforming America's Military into a Christian Military

Only Christians Need Apply


Only Christians Need Apply: Transforming America's Military into a Christian Military

Only Christians Need Apply: Transforming America's Military into a Christian Military

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Christian Nationalists' efforts to transform American society into an expression of their own religious doctrine naturally extends to the military as well. The Air Force appears to have been their primary target, though other branches have suffered as well. In the Air Force academy, for example, Christianity has been promoted and endorsed by officers in a manner that has made non-Christians feel excluded and inferior. Some have even gone so far as to claim that one of the values of foreign military intervention is to open up new regions for Christian evangelization.

This would in effect transform the military from an instrument of foreign policy and national defense into a religious sword that exists to pry open other nations for the sake of spreading the gospel. This is a dangerous and irresponsible way of looking at America's military, but it's a perspective which appears to be growing in acceptance among Christian Nationalists. It's curious that Christians would approach the military in such a manner, but this has been developing for quite some time.

Far more disturbing, and far more common, is the lionization of America's military within American churches. Films demonstrating military prowess, recruiters, and American flags may share a stage with the pulpit and cross. When churches can invite weapons of such violence and destruction into their sanctuaries, it becomes a bit less surprising to see them attempting to enter and transform the military itself into an arm of their religious agenda.

The militarization of Christianity and the Christianization of the military is something which should worry everyone, including moderate and Christians in America. If Christian Nationalists are able to acquire significant influence through the military, they could effectively acquire a degree of military power within the United States. There is no example of the militarization of a religion which has turned out well, nor any such example of a military coming under the sway of a particular religion.

This image is based upon a World War II poster depicting a pilot telling workers back home to "Just meet those schedules, will you?"

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