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Comparative Religions: Comparing and Contrasting Different Religions

Instead of looking at religion in isolation, it is possible to look at them collectively and compare/contrast faiths from around the world in a variety of ways.
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Religion Around the World - Country Index
What sorts of religious beliefs exist in the world today? There are a lot of different religions, and even more variety in specific denominations and actual practices. A large number of countries is covered here, including history, current issues, and more.

Sikh Faith and Sikhism
Sikhs are followers of Guru Nanak (b. 1469) and his nine successors (known as Gurus). Nanak had been raised in a Hindu family of the trading caste in a village near Lahore in modern day Pakistan, but experienced a mystical conversion around the age of twenty-nine or thirty which, according to him, revealed the nature of the True God and required him to spread a message of unity and love.

Studying Religion Scientifically
Religion is an ancient, widespread, and persistent aspect of human culture. It's importance and role in human history cannot be underestimated; because of all this, it makes sense to study it in order to better understand it. How should religion be studied, though? Some argue that we should do so scientifically, just like we study everything else. Some believers, though, find this objectionable.

Why Study Religion? Studying Religion, Philosophy, and Theology
Every decent college and university has a department dealing with the study of religion: religious history, religious beliefs, comparative religion, and perhaps even some theology thrown in. The study of religion is multi-disciplinary, encompassing literature, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, linguistics, art, and more. Because of the...

Studying Religion: Religious Studies in Public Universities
Most decent colleges and universities have some sort of religious studies department. Given how important religion is to history and culture, this is unavoidable - but how should these departments approach religion and teach religion? Should they be more skeptical and critical or more defensive and supportive of the beliefs of people in the community?

Watchman Index of Cults & Religions
Christian resource defining and describing over 1100 religious organizations, beliefs, and people.

Myths & Legends
An annotated index of world mythology with commentary.

Religious Studies Web Guide
Academic links organized by type of resource.

Explore tales about Robin Hood, King Arthur, Pirates & Privateers, and other characters.

Pluralism Project
Harvard University program on religious diversity in America. Includes an image database.

History of American Religion
Special focus on material objects and economic themes in the history of American religion.

General Theory of Religion
Using system dynamics to model and simulate the cognitions and perceptions of a mystic just before the experience of mystical union.

Over 11,000 adherent statistics for over 1000 different faith groups. Find out how many Catholics live in the world, or where Sikhs practice.

Animal Symbolism
How animals are portrayed and used in Celtic and Welsh mythology.

Indifferentism & Religion
Indifferentism is a philosophy that other philosophies, ideologies, and even religions are all basically equal in terms of truth. It's about being indifferent to what others believe or don't believe because it doesn't matter what people believe. Indifferentism is popular in some circles under the assumption that tolerance requires being...

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