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Mormon Discrimination and Women

Mormonism - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Why and how has the Mormon church discriminated against women?

14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet
Who is in charge and who are Mormons supposed to follow?

Academic Freedom & Women at BYU
"Brigham Young University has a history of suppressing scholarship and artistic expressions representing the experience of women." Go here for a list of examples from recent years.

Fired Teacher Blames Bias
The author of a book questioning Joseph Smith's claims about the Book of Abraham was fired from his job as school teacher.

The Family
People are to be assigned specific roles based on their gender: Men bring home the baco and women are responsible for the nurture of children.

Leaving the Mormon Church
"Our teen-age daughter found the discrimination intolerable. One day, she stood up in her Mormon-youth religion class and boldly told the teacher that just as the denial of the Mormon priesthood to black men had been racist, so the denial of the Mormon priesthood to women was sexist. The woman teacher had no adequate answer for the great-granddaughter of the current Mormon president. "

Mother in Heaven
Neo-orthodox Mormon leaders have frowned on discussions of the early Mormon doctrine of a "Mother in Heaven". What happens to those who do it anyway?

My Controversy with the Church
Mormons believe in Heavenly Parents - so why have members been excommunicated for discussing a Heavenly Mother?

Mormon Polygamy: A History
Why must a male must have multiple wives to enter the highest degree of the Mormon heaven?

Mormon Women: Priests?
Some of those who have written about this topic have been excommunicated, even though what they have written is actually true!

Power for Women: Lost
Women used to be able to give blessings and act in other leadership roles, but not anymore. Why the change?

Role of Women in Mormonism
How are they treated and why?

Sins of the Fathers
Former wife of a polygamist discusses controversial topics like poverty, abuse, and plural husbands. How and why did she leave her plural marriage, and what does she think today?


truggle to Reclaim Authority
Are feminism and Mormonism compatible? Some think so, but people have been excommunicated for advocating such proposals.

Temple rituals
Why do women have to "hearken to the counsel of her husband" (previously having to obey their husband's law) but husbands don't have to do the reverse?

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