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Humanist Metaphysics: Humanism, Nature, and the Supernatural

What sort of metaphysical beliefs do humanists have? Humanists don't really have a metaphysical outlook because humanists don't normally accept the existence of anything which isn't a part of nature (or, if they do, they don't believe that it is 'more real' than our own existence). Humanists are essentially naturalists, explaining the nature of reality in naturalistic and materialistic terms. It is, though, worth examining how humanists address claims about the existence of non-natural beings.

Humanism & the Supernatural
As a general principle, humanists are not particularly concerned with anything that might qualify as 'the supernatural.' Most humanists reject the existence of the supernatural entirely, but there is nothing self-contradictory about a person who is both a humanist and who believes in something that might qualify as supernatural.

Humanism & Souls
Souls are typically a feature of supernatural beliefs - not inherently, but because belief in them is supported by religious tradition and not by any scientific evidence. While humanism does not necessarily exclude belief in anything supernatural, it does tend to exclude belief in things which are not only unsupported by science, but which in...

Humanism & The Afterlife
Belief in an afterlife has been an important feature of many, albeit not all, religions in human history. There are many possible reasons for why such a belief might have developed, all hotly debated by scholars in different fields. What is not debated very much, however, is the fact that such a belief is certainly attractive - after all, who wants to die?

Humanism & the Universe
Many of the basic questions in metaphysics are centered around the reality we exist in - or, more specifically, the universe we exist in. What is it, why does it exist, and what fundamental nature does it have? The humanistic view of the universe is fundamentally naturalistic.

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