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Barack Obama on Religion, Atheism, and Secularism

Does Barack Obama Support Secular Government and Equality for Secular Atheists?


Barack Obama on Reproductive Rights, Sex Education, and Abortion

The Christian Right has fought hard to deny women the ability to make reproductive choices through restrictions on abortion, sex education, emergency contraception, and contraception generally. Barack Obama supports reproductive liberty and reproductive choices for women. He supports a woman's right to choose, even when it comes to late term abortions, and he supports federal funding of both contraceptives and sex education for teenagers.

Barack Obama on Stem-Cell Research

Stem-Cell research has become an important medical issues because of the promise of cures and treatments for many serious diseases, but it has also become an important political issue for two reasons. First it is a serious target for the Christian Right which sees this issue as related to abortion; second, it has created new political divisions because many conservatives who usually support the Christian Right also support stem-cell research. Barack Obama, like other liberal democrats, has voted to expand stem-cell research. He has called on conservatives "to stop playing politics on this critical issue and expand the current policy on embryonic stem cell research so that we can begin finding the cures of tomorrow today."

Barack Obama on Equality for Gays & Gay Marriage

One of the most serious conflicts in the Christian Right's "culture war" on modernity is the status of gays in society. Liberals and progressives seek to ensure that gays have fully equality, including when it comes to marriage, while conservatives and authoritarians want gays locked into a second-class status - and preferably in the closet. Barack Obama's position on the matter is confused: he opposes legalizing gay marriage but he supports "civil unions" that would be the same as marriage. Creating a "marriage lite" alternative would do more to undermine marriage than treating gays as equals, but at least Obama acknowledges that he may be "misguided" in his opposition to gay marriage and equality for gays.

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