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There are No Real Atheists in Foxholes, No Real Atheists: Atheists Can't Exist


What is a "Real" Atheist? How Do "Real" Atheists Behave?:

One effective means for critiquing a belief system and/or its adherents is to point out significant contradictions between how believers behave and the ideals they espouse. These contradictions can suggest that they don't really believe what they say, that the ideals aren't taken seriously, that the system teaches worse things, etc. Atheists do this with religion frequently, but can religious theists do it with atheism? They try by presuming to say how "real" atheists would or would not behave. These arguments fail because atheism isn't a philosophy that compels any particular behavior.

There Are No Real Atheists - Atheism Requires Knowing Everything!:

Some religious theists seem to need to believe that atheists can’t really exist. It isn’t uncommon for some theists to say that atheism requires such extensive knowledge that an atheist would have to actually be God in order to deny God. This argument makes the mistake of assuming that an atheist, to be an atheist, must have certain knowledge that no gods exist. It also makes the mistake of assuming that universal negatives cannot be proven. Both are wrong: most atheists don't bother to deny any gods; those who do, can potentially do so without universal knowledge. Atheism Doesn't Require Omniscience...

There Are No Atheists in Foxholes:

Some say that, during times of great crisis, it is not possible to “hold out” and maintain disbelief in a higher, saving power like God. During such experiences, the “natural” and automatic reaction is to start believing in God and hope for some form of salvation. Is this true? No — not only are there many cases of atheists remaining atheists in “foxholes,” there are also many cases of people losing their theism and religion due to such experiences. There is nothing about life-threatening situations which would cause someone to cease being an atheist. There Are Atheists in Foxholes...

Real Atheists Don't Convert Others:

This isn't an uncommon perception which people have about atheism — more than a few people imagine that "real" atheism must be passive and indifferent towards theism and religion. There is nothing about either the broad definition of atheism used by atheists or the narrow definition used by many theists that would justify this. It seems to be based on the desire that atheists stop criticizing religion and pointing out flaws in both theistic and religious beliefs. There are in fact many reasons why atheists would be interested in religion for study, insight, and even refutation. Real Atheists Might Proselytize...

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