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Advice for Atheists: Marriage, Family, Children, Religion, and More

People have a lot of questions about atheism and atheists, but such questions don't just come from theists. Atheists also have questions - not only about the nature of atheism and what other atheists think, but about how they should deal with theists, how to deal with telling others about their atheism, marriages, funerals, children, etc.
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Godless Children vs. Religious Families: How Can Atheist Parents Balance Them?
Of all of the problems that atheists might experience with their families, those involving their own children are perhaps among the most emotional and difficult to resolve. Many people honestly believe that children require religion and God in order to be raised morally and properly - if atheist parents don't offer that, they will feel compelled...

Coming Out to Your Family: Should You Reveal Your Atheism to Family, Parents?
Many atheists struggle with deciding whether they should reveal their atheism to their family or not. Especially if a family is very religious or devout, telling parents and other family members that one not only doesn't accept the family's religion anymore, but in fact rejects even belief in a god, can strain familial ties to the breaking...

Coming Out to Friends & Neighbors: Should You Reveal Your Atheism to Friends?
Not all atheists have revealed their atheism to their friends and neighbors. Religious theism is so widespread, and distrust of atheists so prevalent, that many people can't tell the full truth even to those closest to them out of fear of ostracism and discrimination. This is a serious indictment against the alleged morality of religion in America today, but it also points to an opportunity: if more atheists did come out of the closet, it might lead to a change in attitudes.

Coming Out to Coworkers & Employers: Should You Reveal Your Atheism at Work?
Revealing atheism to anyone can lead to problems, but revealing atheism to employers or coworkers comes with unique problems not associated with revealing atheism to family or friends. People at work can undermine your efforts and even your professional reputation. Your superiors, managers, and bosses can deny you promotions, raises, and prevent...

Atheism and Family: Questions about Atheism and Atheists
All sorts of difficult situations can arise which can make relations between atheist and theist family memberrs very difficult. If you find yourself in such situations, you have to proceed carefully because a wrong move can damage your relationship with your family for years, if not decades. There is probably no one 'best' way to act, in particular because each situation is as different as each family; nevertheless, below are some common problems and some possible responses.

Atheists and Weddings: Questions, Conflicts, Advice
Atheists are human too, and so of course atheists are just as likely as anyone else to participate in many of the common social experiences which mark a society. One of them is, of course, weddings - both their own and the weddings of friends and relatives. Unfortunately, wedding ceremonies are commonly religious in nature - what is an...

Atheists and Marriage: Questions, Problems, Conflicts
Marriage is a very important and intimate relationship - but can marriages between atheists and theists work? What problems face atheists when married to religious spouses? How about when your in-laws are devoutly religious as well? What happens when your spouse grows more religious over time, or you more atheistic?

Atheism and Children: Questions about Atheism and Atheists
Of all of the problems that atheists might experience with their families, those involving their own children are perhaps among the most emotional and difficult to resolve. Many people honestly believe that children require religion and God in order to be raised morally and properly - so if atheist parents don't offer that, they will feel compelled to intervene and replace what they believe the parents are failing provide.

Atheists and Religious Ceremonies: Issues, Problems, and Questions
There are a lot of questions people have regarding the relationship between atheism and ceremonies. They are often difficult questions to answer because of the various functions which ceremonies have. Some ceremonies are important rituals, integral to religious tradition and doctrine. Others, however, are mere social customs which people observe out of courtesy and without any intention or purpose beyond that.

Atheism, Holidays and Rituals: Questions, Problems, Advice
Atheists spend quite a lot of time discussing religion and deeper questions of whether or not there is any rational justification for believing in gods. However, there are also much more practical issues which merit close discussion.

Atheists at Work: Conflicts, Discrimination, Prejudice
People spend at least as much time at work as they do with their families; it is, then, natural that something as important as religion will come to play a role in the work environment. This means avoiding topics like belief in god and religion may be very difficult; if you are or seem to be the only atheist around, problems can result. What if...

Have a Godless New Year: Atheist New Year Resolutions
Being an atheist doesn't require much effort. There aren't any creeds to memorize or religious services to attend regularly. So long as you don't believe in any gods, even if you never give the subject a second thought, you're an atheist. Never thinking about it may not be the best course of action in modern society, though. There are good...

Is Living Near Family Less Important for Atheists & Agnostics?
Atheists don't seem to place as much importance on family as religious theists; at least, they don't consider living near family to be as important as religious theists do. What do you think are the primary reasons why? Do you think there are good reasons for this difference or bad reasons?

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