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Best Atheist Facebook Page, 2010
Best Atheist Facebook Page, 2010

Best Atheist Facebook Page, 2010

The Thinking Atheist

Readers picked The Thinking Atheist as having the Best Atheist Facebook Page of 2010. Given how many people "like" The Thinking Atheist page on Facebook — nearly 21,000 at the time of this being written — it's not hard to understand why there would be so much popular support for voting for it as the Best Atheist Facebook Page overall.

It would be difficult to underestimate the importance of Facebook on in the internet today, which means that having a strong Facebook presence is invaluable when it comes to activism. It's vital that atheists learn how to effectively use Facebook as well as other social media both for interacting with each other as well as for outreach to religious theists. The better use people can make of Facebook, the better they can encourage skepticism, critical thinking, secularism, and even atheism.

If you're going to be on Facebook, you should consider networking with other atheists while you're there. The less isolated you are and feel, the better your psychological and emotional health will be. All the finalists for Best Atheist Facebook page were good and I recommending visiting and "liking" them all.

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