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What is Philosophy?

Overview of Philosophical Resources and Information


Philosophy is not the same as "life" - on the other hand, almost any other definition would seem to narrow. So just how are we supposed to approach the subject? It must be possible, otherwise no one would even be able to begin a study of philosophy. Or can they? In fact, the study of philosophy often doesn't begin with a solid definition of the subject - instead, it seems easier to define philosophy by doing philosophy. Yet attempts at definition and explanation are nevertheless important.


Introduction to Philosophy
It isn't easy to say what exactly philosophy is, how to study it, or how to 'do' it. So why has it long been one of the central subjects in Western academics? The reason why it is so difficult to categorize philosophy is because philosophizing makes up so much of what we do during life — there is no escaping it for anyone who want to think clearly or think about important subjects. So, we need to learn how to do it well.


Branches of Philosophy
It should not be a surprise that philosophy is not a single, unified subject. Philosophy addresses complex issues from all facets of life — being an expert on all of philosophy would entail being an expert on all of the most fundamental questions which life has to offer.


Biographies of Philosophers
An index of biographies of famous philosophers throughout history. Includes biographies of some sociologists, psychologists, scientists and others.


Timelines of Philosophy
When did Nietzsche publish The Antichrist? When was Bertrand Russell born? When did Baruch Spinoza die? If you are interested in these and other dates in the history of philosophy, you've come to the right place. Presented here is a compendium of people, places, and events of philosophy, all organized by date.


Philosophical Schools and Systems
An index of various philosophical schools and systems which have been developed through human history.

Further Reading

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