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Humanism & Humanist Philosophy: What Do Humanists Believe?

In this century, humanism has come to refer to a philosophy that rejects traditional religious dogmas and usually theism itself. Although it is possible to be both a theist and a humanist, most who consciously use that term are atheists - especially if they are secular humanists . This modern humanism is a direct outgrowth of the Renaissance Humanism.
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Imagine all the People: Human Nature, War, Peace & Humanism
Humanism means different things to different people. Some focus on metaphysics and note that humanism is free of the dogma and supernaturalism of theism. Others point to methodology, advocating for scientific naturalism and skepticism. And still others emphasize the social justice elements of the humanist tradition. But what if we hold so dearly...

Re-booting Humanism
It's not that a key element of humanism isn't atheism (or agnosticism), it's that the negative and combative stance of humanism-as-atheism (or secularism) wins no friends and more enemies. A re-booted humanism would recognize ethics and naturalism as its core. It would be defined as a sociopolitical philosophy, both democratic and...

What is Humanism? What is Humanist Philosophy?
At its most basic, humanism involves any concern with humans (including human needs, human desires, and human experiences) first and foremost. Often, this also translates into giving human beings a special place in the universe on account of their abilities and faculties.

Being a Humanist: What Does It Mean to Be a Humanist?
Knowing about humanism isn't necessarily the same as understanding humanism - in particular, it doesn't tell you what is necessary for being a humanist. So what does it mean to be a humanist - is there a club to join? Is there a church that you attend? What does being a humanist require?

Life, Grief & Theism
From the Guide: Reviews of two recent books by theists - one on a year of living in faith, the other on how to cope with tragedy and pain. How do theists approach theses issues, and do these approaches have anything to say to nonbelievers?

Affirming Humanism
From the Guide: What is humanism all about? How does it relate to religion and science?

Living the Good Life
From the Guide: Report about a recent conference & seminar at the Council for Secular Humanism.

Saving Private Ryan
From the Guide: Saving Private Ryan, the recent movie from Stephen Spielberg, contains a very strong humaist theme - one which we can all learn from.

Secular Humanism: not just for atheists
From the Guide: Guest Column! Is Secular Humanism a moral system? Is it something which a theist can subscribe to?

Atheism & Humanist Values
Michael Martin explores the relationship between non-belief in gods and the ability to create a humanistic system of values.

Death and the Meaning of Life
If a sentient God existed, Keith Augustine argues, then the value that he would attribute to our lives would not be the same as the value that we find in living and thus would be irrelevant. Therefore, we must create our own meaning for our lives regardless of whether or not our lives serve some higher purpose.

Humanistic Value Theory
Michael Martin discusses how humanistic values must be defended independent of atheism itself.

The Nature of Faith
A proposal for a new kind of faith: not in any gods, but in humanity as a whole.

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