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Readers' Choice Awards, 2012


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Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Book of 2011
Readers' Choice for Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Book of 2011

Readers' Choice for Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Book of 2011

Richard Dawkins

Readers picked Richard Dawkins' most recent book The Magic of Reality as their favorite agnostic / atheist book of 2011. Richard Dawkins has written a lot of books which have been very poplar with atheists, so it's no surprise that this book would be popular as well - but this is a different sort of book.

Like his previous books, this is about nature, science, and how the natural world around us works. Unlike previous books, though, The Magic of Reality is aimed at all ages, not just adults. Even though Dawkins is presenting complicated scientific concepts, he does so in a way that is very accessible and without "talking down" to the audience. His book is informative, education, and even humorous at times.

And, like other books written by Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality has provoked some controversy. Explaining how the natural world actually works entails contradicting a lot of cherished myths and traditions, including those in various religions. Dawkins doesn't shy away from those contradictions or try to gloss over them; on the contrary, he addresses them directly and doesn't mince words about how science refutes supernatural claims.

And why not? That's the "magic" of reality. Our universe and our natural world are fascinating and beautiful. They can be understood and even used without resorting to supernatural or paranormal stories that don't really accomplish anything and don't provide real information about anything.

All of the candidates for Favorite Atheist Book of 2011 are well worth reading and I hope this encourages more people to go out and look at those book for themselves. You never know what you'll learn.

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