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Philosophy of Religion

What is it?

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Sometimes confused with theology, the Philosophy of Religion is the philosophical study of religious beliefs, religious doctrines, religious arguments and religious history. The line between theology and the philosophy of religion isn't always sharp because they share so much in common, but the primary difference is that theology tends to be apologetical in nature, committed to the defense of particular religious positions, whereas Philosophy of Religion is committed to the investigation of religion itself, rather than the truth of any particular religion.

Philosophy of Religion
What is the Philosophy of Religion? Read a basic introduction to the topics covered, the questions address, and a list of biographies of philosophers who have made important contributions to the field.

What is God?
Because of the fundamental importance of this one issue to all general discussions between atheists and theists, it is critical that those who participate in such discussions have a better understanding of just what it is they are talking about and why. After all, what's the point of debating the possible existence of "God" if no one has tried to come to some sort of agreement as to what they mean by "God"?

What is Religion?
A system of human beliefs, ideals and practices which is harder to define than it may at first appear. Read more about how dictionaries, scholars and others have tried to define and explain religion.

What is Theism?
What is the difference between monotheism and monolatry? Between pantheism and panentheism? How about between animism and shamanism? Or theism and deism? What the heck is henotheism?

Religion Around the World
What sorts of religious beliefs exist in the world today? There are a lot of different religions, and even more variety in specific denominations and actual practices. A large number of countries is covered here, including history, current issues, and more.

Topics in the Philosophy of Religion
One of the more entertaining aspects of the philosophy of religion is to examine how religion influences modern culture and how culture in turn influences religion. Religion in film, religion in books, economic analyses of religion - these are all a part of religious philosophy.

•  The Matrix, Religion, and Philosophy
•  Technology & Religion
•  Karl Marx & Religion
•  Why Does Religion Exist?

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