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Holy Scriptures: Quran and Hadith

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The principle scriptures of Islam are the Quran and the Hadith. The Quran is the source of Allah's revelations to humanity, transmitted through his messenger, Muhammad. The Hadith is not considered a direct source of revelation; instead, it is supposed to contain the records of the traditions, practices and decision of the very earliest Muslim community.

What is the Quran?
Muslims believe that the Quran was given to Muhammad by God through the angel Gabriel. But what if the Quran did not exist as we know it until a couple of hundred years after Muhammad's death?

What is the Hadith?
The Hadith is a collection of the sayings and deeds of Muhammad, used to spplement the Quran. Unfortunately, the Hadith's accuracy and reliability is highly questionable. Even many Muslims disagree on the relative reliability of different Hadith collections.

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