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Images of Jerusalem: Arch of Titus (in Rome)

Images of Jerusalem Gallery

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The Arch of Titus is located on the highest point of the Via Sacra, a road leading to the Roman Forum. This arch commemorates Titus' victorious conquest of Judaea, ending the Jewish wars and leading the sacking of Jerusalem. The arch was constructed after Titus's death in 81 CE and, hence, after his becoming a god. It was probably built by this brother and successor, emperor Domitian but some believe that it was actually built by emperor Trajan because of similarities to the Arch of Trajan located at Benevento.

This is a single arch, 15.4m high, 13.5m wide, and 4.75m deep. The marble reliefs stand nearly 2.5m in height.

Images of Jerusalem: Arch of Titus, 81 CE
Titus Arch, 1943 (Rome) Map
Titus Arch, Detail: Inscription Map
Titus Arch, Detail: Triumph of Titus Map
Titus Arch, Detail: Spoils of Jerusalem Map

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