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Fortress of Aleppo


Aleppo was part of the Byzantine Empire until captured by Arabs in 637 CE. Aleppo was ruled by Seljuks from 1090 to 1117, by the Ortoks from 1117 to 1183, was besieged by the Crusaders in 1098 and 1124, but they never capture it. Aleppo was then ruled by the Ayoubites from 1183 to 1260, by the Mongols after 1260, and then finally came under control of Muslims again in 137 and then the Ottoman Turks in 1517.

In 1119, at the Battle of the Field of Blood (Ager Sanguinis), Muslim forces defeated Roger of Antioch and a Frankish army at Aleppo. In 1128 Imad ad-Din Zengi became the atabeg of Aleppo after taking control of it from the Ortoqid emirs. Zengi would go on to be a major threat to Crusader states in the region.

In 1160, Raymond of Chantillion was captured during a Muslim ambush and is imprisoned for 14 years in Aleppo. Once released, his hatred of Islam and Muslims would be even greater than before and would be instrumental in the Third Crusade being launched.

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