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This Christianity FAQ will cover a wide variety of information about Christianity and Christians: history, theology, theologians, beliefs, denominations, traditions and more.

Jesus Christ
Christianity is unthinkable without the figure of Jesus Christ. Some Christians treat him as a genuine historical figure and the New Testament stories as literal accounts while others regard him as simply a wise man and the New Testament stories as only partially reliable. Understanding a bit more about how Christians and others have treated the figure of Jesus is important to understanding Christianity.

•  Jesus' Ethics
•  Holy Foreskin!
•  Nietzsche vs. Gibson: Suffering, Debt, and Guilt

Christian History
This list covers important events which have played key roles in the course of the history of Christianity. Includes entries on the First Council of Nicea, early Christian Persecutions, the Protestant Reformation and the Moral Majority. A better understanding of Christian history will aid in understanding the nature of Christianity today.

•  Timelines of Christian History
•  Crime, Christianity & Early America
•  English Reformation

Christian Theology
This list covers important terms necessary for understanding Christianity, Christian doctrines and the basic beliefs of various Christian groups. Includes entries on concepts like atonement, baptism, grace, justification, and mortal sins. Neither apologetics nor critiques of Christianity can occur without an accurate understanding of Christian terminology.

•  excommunication
•  original sin
•  sola fidei / sola scriptura

Christian Theologians
To learn about Christianity, it is also important to learn about some of the people who have played important roles in the development of Christian beliefs and Christian institutions.

•  Augustine
•  Sunday, Billy
•  Ussher, James

Christian Groups, Denominations & Movements
There are a wide variety of groups associated with Christianity. There are official denominations, break-away sects, orthodox movements within denominations and sects, heretical movements, and extra-church groups which have associated themselves with Christianity. If you have ever wondered what some of them are and what they believe, this listing will help.

•  Calvinism
•  Bryan, William Jennings
•  Arianism

Roman Catholicism
This FAQ on Roman Catholicism will cover matters of doctrine, matters of debate, and basic historical information. Learn more about papal infallibility, the history of the papacy, and the Roman Catholic position on things like abortion, health care, homosexuality, and gay priests.

•  The Popes
•  Catholicism & Homosexuality
•  Catholicism & Health Care

Southern Baptist Convention
Many have come to expect the worst from conservative, evangelical Christian organizations in America - and rarely do they disappoint. One in particular is the Southern Baptist Convention, the administrative body for Southern Baptist churches in the United States. It has become clear that the leadership is bound and determined to send out society back decades when it comes to matters like civil rights and women's independence.

•  Southern Baptists and the Role of Wives
•  Southern Baptists and Women Pastors
•  Southern Baptist on Jews & Mormons

Christian Violence
Many people believe that the violence in society is caused by a decrease in religious commitment - or, more specifically, a decrease in commitment to traditional Christianity. The premise upon which this belief is founded is that Christianity is peaceful and, hence, true Christians will not be violent. But does history support such a premise?

•  Early Christianity
•  Modern Christianity
•  Modern America

What is Easter?
A review of the history of Easter celebrations, the importance of Easter celebrations for Christians, the role of Eater in the Christian liturgical calendar, descriptions of all of the major celebrations which fall during the season of Lent that ends with Easter, and a calendar of when these celebrations occur this year.

•  Ash Wednesday
•  Good Friday
•  Lent

Further Reading on Christianity

Recently Reviewed Books on Christianity
Every year there are hundreds of books published dealing with Christianity, Christian beliefs and Christian history. A few are worth taking a closer look at, and some of them are reviewed here. They can help you lean more about Christianity and the role it places in society.

Recently Reviewed Books About Jesus
Who was Jesus of Nazareth, the person revered by Christians as the messiah? Did he really exist? If so, what did he do, what were his goals? Does he continue to have any relevance today? These questions and more are addressed in dozens of new books every year. Learn here more about some of the best recently published books about Jesus.

Recently Reviewed Books on the Bible
The Bible is one of the most important, influential and widely read books in Western Civilization. Thus, learning more about it and what it says is helpful in understanding more about Western culture and history - not to mention Judaism and Christianity, two religions based upon what we know as the Bible.

Recently Reviewed Books on Catholicism
Roman Catholicism preserves many of the oldest traditions in Christianity. However, some Christians regard the Catholic Church as a non-Christian organization. There are many books published every year dealing with Catholicism, with some of the best reviewed here.

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