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The Bible and Suicide

Christianity vs. Islam: Timeline of the Crusades

350 CE - 1800 CE

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The Crusades were religious, military, political, and commercial expeditions against both rival religions and rival Christian groups. They helped European society define itself and they laid the groundwork for end of feudalism. The relationship between Christianity and Islam was permanently altered and the Crusades continue through this day to influence how Islam sees the West.

There are several different types of color-coded dates in this timeline of the history of the Crusades, explained in a color key below.

Crusade Timelines

Color Key: This chart explains which sorts of topics are given which colors in the chronologies.

Color Topic
Blue Christian victories, advances, and actions.
Yellow Other events: births, deaths, marriages, peace treaties, etc.
Green Muslim victories, advances, and actions.
Orange Other conflicts: Christians fighting Christians, Christians fighting heretics, Muslims fighting Mongols, Christians fighting Jews, etc.
Grey Miscellaneous events to provide historical context and comparison

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