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All [some] biblical prophecies have come true

Ah, prophecies. Believers have been claiming that biblical prophecies have come true for ages. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much if any evidence to support this fact. Being rational folks we like to see evidence to support any claims made. If you wish to assert that some or all biblical prophecies have come true you must provide the evidence that this is so. Otherwise you will be ignored at best and possibly ridiculed for making unsubstantiated claims. Simply stating that biblical prophecies have come true with no substantiation is rather pointless to a group of unbelievers. You might as well state that you are twenty seven feet tall or that there is a china tea cup orbiting saturn. Unless you provide a reasoned argument based on verifiable evidence you aren't going to convince us of anything.

Many theist have attempted to assert that particular prophecies came true. There are numerous reasons to doubt this. Rather than take up space rebutting some of the popular claims here we have provided a few links to rebuttals that can be found elsewhere. (There are numerous others.) If you wish to assert that biblical prophecies have come true please read the material at the following links and have your evidence ready before you post.


Prophecies: Imaginary and Unfulfilled

The Argument from the Bible

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