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Jesus Exorcises Legion
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The belief that people can be inhabited or even possessed by evil spirits has been a common feature of many societies. Concomitant with this is the presence of people who can detect and drive the spirits away. Possession of one sort or another can be found in ancient Jewish scriptures, the concepts of possession and exorcism in the Bible are almost entirely limited to the synoptic gospels.


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February 3, 2010 at 11:26 pm
(1) ChuckA says:

Even when I was a Catholic believer, as a ‘yute’, the unquestioned dogmatic, and common Christian belief, and peculiar, even downright stupid sounding, notion that “Almighty” God’s convenient and obviously (see Job?) favorite scapegoat, Satan, was TOTALLY on the loose, with all his minions of nasty fellow “fallen angels” seemed contradictory; even then. And what an amazingly busy and Super Magical guy, is that Satan, huh? He’s everywhere…all at once…he’s right behind you, even now…
Booh! Santa’s got nothin’ on him. [Oh, that's right Santa is really Satan...anagramatically?]
What!…”And just, who let the dogs out?”
Or…Who was the dastardly culprit that opened up the gates of hell; which is where, supposedly, they had all been condemned and confined to. Not only that…Who gave, and supposedly even NOW gives him the power. It has to be God, right? The buck, after all, ultimately stops with “Him”. Doesn’t that make him ultimately responsible for ALL the mayhem? Zama, zama.
Y’all know the old tired drill, I’m sure.

Like, so many other totally made up aspects of ANY mythology, the mind reels with the obviously total lack of any logic or Rational Critical thinking.

My long held atheist conclusion?
Religions have absolutely NOTHING to do with any rational thought; never have, and never will. (“D’uh!”)
Of course, considering how uneducated and totally ignorant of ANYTHING remotely resembling Scienific knowledge, especially today’s more Modern Science…which, afterall is rather recent, even to us…why should we expect anything different from a bunch of severely uneducated Bronze Age fishermen, goat-herders…and lousy horseback riders.
(I’m referring, of course, to Saul of Tars-ass…Oop…
I mean “Saint” Paul. What an immensely dangerous delusional “dude” he was!…IF, of course, he really ever actually existed.)
He’s, after all, the MAIN delusional jerk responsible for dragging in the monstrously insane Eternal Hell crap. If not him, then all those bat-sh*t priests who assembled all the delusional nonsense right up to the time of Constantine’s obvious insanity.

The currently amazing thing, of course, at least to me, is just how difficult it is to overcome the centuries of brainwashing which STILL occurs in most cultures. Sadly, there’s not much sign that that’s gonna change anytime soon; especially…and more depressingly, if you will…in the rather dumbed down US of A.
Absolutely NO surprise, of course, regarding any of the totally backward Muslim ruled countries.

February 4, 2010 at 12:59 pm
(2) tracieh says:

This would fall under the “harm perpetrated by religion” category. Whenever someone submits an article link to an atheist link that includes the word “possessed” or “exorcism”–it almost always involves someone minor child, and is never anything good.

February 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm
(3) Paul Buchman says:

This business of Satan running loose, wreaking havoc in the world smacks of dualism to me. I know, xians deny dualism. But of course there are so many cognitive dissonances in the many flavors of xianity that this could well be another.

August 20, 2013 at 2:44 pm
(4) Jeanne says:

Funny how the “Son of God” was unaware of mental illness and believed in demons.

Besides, if “god” allows demons to deceive people and cause them problems, whose fault is it?

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