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Austin Cline

Pope Benedict XVII When You Deny God, You Deny Human Dignity

By January 9, 2013

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According to Pope Benedict XVII, denying the existence of God entails denying the existence of human dignity. Ergo, atheists must deny human dignity and cannot believe that such a thing as human dignity exists - only theists who defend God (as if God needed defending?) also defend human persons.

Pope Benedict XVII, 12/21/2012
Pope Benedict XVII, 12/21/2012
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And all those Catholic priests who raped and molested children? They weren't denying human dignity, they were defending human persons. All those atheists who weren't going around raping children? They were denying human dignity.

What about those Catholics who fought in the Wehrmacht and worked in concentration camps? They were defending human dignity and defending the human person, obviously. Those atheists fighting in the armies of France, Britain, America, and (obviously) the Soviet Union were denying human dignity when they dared to defend their homeland against unprovoked attack.

@Pontifex: When you deny God, you deny human dignity. Whoever defends God is defending the human person.

Source: Twitter

Tell me again about how it's atheists who are being rude, aggressive, militant, and intolerant for daring to even question religious beliefs and religious leaders, never mind daring to suggest that perhaps religion is false and religious leaders might not be legitimate authorities over anything? Yet religious leaders like the pope can just make blanket accusations about atheists (and indeed, about theists who don't accept the existence of his god) without anyone calling him out on it.

In reality, what denying the pope's god entails is denying the pope's claim to authority over a billion human beings. He needs people to believe what he's selling because if they don't, he can't continue to pretend to have the authority to tell a significant portion of humanity what to do and how to live.

January 9, 2013 at 2:48 pm
(1) cag says:

When I start taking the word of the chief spokesman for superstition seriously, then I will have lost all dignity. As long as I oppose the imposition of nonsense belief by a supercilious, pompous ass in a silly dress I will retain my dignity. When lying, deceiving and coercing bring on dignity, it is time to redefine the word. There is no person on earth that I have more contempt for than the pope, any pope. Their pronouncements have condemned millions to misery and death. Dignity indeed. Worse than mass murderers. If the pope has dignity then I will proudly wear the mantle of indignity.

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