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Austin Cline

Daily Poll: Atheists Giving a Platform for Holocaust Deniers

By May 6, 2006

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Larry Darby, the president of Alabama's Atheist Law Center, attracted attention for his antics. Having David Irving, a notorious Holocaust Denier, anti-Semite, and apologist for fascism, speak at his group was just the first step. His defenses of his actions were worse: despite being an anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier himself, Larry Darby insisted he only invited Irving in order to support Irving's free speech rights.


Daily Poll: Is it appropriate for atheist or free thought groups to give a platform for Holocaust Deniers?

  1. Yes, they have a responsibility to promote free inquiry and support minority ideas
  2. Yes, so-called Holocaust Deniers are under siege from Jewish interests and atheists should be willing to criticize Judaism
  3. No, Holocaust Deniers have a right to speak, but shouldn't be actively supported
  4. I don't know
  5. I don't care

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June 18, 2010 at 1:04 am
(1) Borsia says:

Unfortunately for the Holocaust deniers the German did a very through job of documenting their atrocities.
Just as we Atheist claim that good science is one of the foundations of our disbelief in deities we should and must proclaim that best evidence makes clear the facts of the holocaust.
History of this sort can never be allowed to repeat because of those few who would like to conveniently forget what happened and deny the truth.

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