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Austin Cline

No Free Speech for Liberals?

By January 28, 2005

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Is it true that liberals shouldn't have the same free speech rights as conservatives? Is it true that "free speech" only exists for Christians to express their beliefs and proclaim their religion while other faiths simply have to sit and tolerate it? Well, that's what some think and argue...

Billie Miller writes in a letter to The Daily Independent in Ridgecrest, California:

Why does The Daily Independent print the degenerate views of poisonous Liberals who hate freedom?

I wonder which freedoms it is that the "Liberals" hate? Perhaps the freedom of others to have their views made public? Oh, wait, that's the freedom that Billie Miller hates...

As Mr. Scott points out, the glorious Constitution is there to protect the rights of Christians to profess their faith. This country was founded by good Christians and the Constitution guarantees our right to express our religion.

Apparently, the Constitution doesn't protect the rights of anyone else to express any other views...

It just is completely beyond me how we have allowed Liberals to deny us this guaranteed right. Oh, they raise ridiculous arguments like other (false) religions would be "upset" if they were forced to pray alongside the righteous in schools or council meetings.

Surely those others would appreciate the opportunity to be saved. As God's chosen people, we Christians have the right to express our religion and praise tolerant, patient and merciful God, and I don't want to read any more letters from Liberals suggesting non-believers should be allowed to express their superstitions just because we Christians can express ours.

The Founding Fathers were God-fearing men and never intended the first Amendment to promote other superstitious beliefs. ... I can't believe the vicious slander of some people who have the nerve to portray or suggest Jesus behaved as a Liberal.

This is a parody, right? No one can be this stupid, right?

Jesus makes his position very clear. The wisdom of an "eye for an eye" would never occur to a Liberal.

Liberals are always talking about peace at any price, when Jesus said: Do not think I have come to bring peace, but a sword.

Liberals hate people who have managed to raise their station in life, and instead insist on giving money away to the irresponsible: Store yourselves treasures for Heaven for where your treasure is, there your heart is also.

No one can serve two masters, either your are a good conservative with God or you are not with God.

Actually, there are people out there who believe stuff like this. Even if Billie Milliar were a parody that managed to slip through the editors, the views being expressed here are genuine elsewhere so they should be treated as legitimate. Unfortunately, what can be done with them? Someone this deranged probably can't be reasoned with anymore, at least not until their medication is adjusted, so I suspect that the most anyone can do is simply laugh at them and make sure that they can't do anything to harm those unfortunate enough to be nearby.

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