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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Women Taught to Submit to & Obey Husbands, Fathers, Men

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Were you taught by parents or family that women should submit to men - girls to their fathers, wives to their husbands, etc.? What sorts of things were you taught, exactly? How did your family try to reinforce the idea that women must submit to husbands? How did you break away from such ideals/assumptions and how did your family react?

Not a chance

If I could find one worth listening to I might reconsider but in my 59 years I've found 90% of men to be blithering idiots - the rest are occasionally helpful but still basically replaceable with a step stool and a good jar opener.

Women should not be 2nd class citizens.

This is based on Judeo-Christian archaic rules which place women under the thumbs of men, due to the patriarchical societal rules in the bible. Further based on a Genesis account of the role of Eve as being a helper rather than an equal, though in the books of Genesis, there is both interpretitions; that of Eve being created with one of Adam's ribs, and Adam and Eve being created at the same time. This is why women have been given a lower status throughout the history of Christianity. The notion that the relationship between a man and a woman is proscribed as the God-man, man-woman split, is a basis for family relationships for the Religious Right and evangelical Xians.

Never occured

I was raised christian and my father has tried to be the "man of the house" but ultimatly it's my mother who has taken over. Because it's my mum my sis and I we rule. My dad is one man and there are three of us.
—Guest Student

it happened of course

I find this very interesting.I met my husband in 1970's we were married in 1974. My marriage failed I am now single having had my marriage annulled. I attended an all girls catholic school,i was taught from very early in life ,a wife must obey her husband. The demands in my marriage were outrageous , and i dont entirely blame my school/church teaching .I blame myself for not being able to detect the little signs of this type of control . The signs are,sexual demands,isolating the woman from her friends and family,refusing to listen to her,and making all the decisions regarding choices of work home,lifestyle ,etc without consulting the other partner,usually it is the woman. my husband would not let me return to work stating that I needed to earn the same salary as his ,but I had supported the family while he gained his skills and qualifications to get his salary. Often the woman is trapped before she realizes what is going on.My life has been on interesting adventure.

hierarchy versus egalitarianism

The modern debate between movements such as feminism which seeks to usurp existing hierarchies and conservative religions which seek to enforce and impose hierarchies can be found in the bible as well. Consider Deutero Isaiah's anti-monarchical and anti-levitical ideology versus the competing priestly and davidic hierarchies found in most of the bible. If one were a conservative Christian or Jew, one would of course read these texts differently, but hey I'm not...
—Guest shooting_sprout
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