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Readers Respond: Why Do More Women than Men Believe in God?

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The existence of differences between men and women in their rates of belief in god and religiosity appears across many different nations. This suggests that the reason must be at least partially in the differences between men and women, in religion itself, or both.

What, though, could the differences be that would cause this? What would it be in religion that would cause this? Share Your Ideas


Morals are simplified concepts for people that can't understand the system they're a part of. An example is telling a child to be kind to others, so he will go to heaven. A person that understands the self the benefits of a cooperative society will have the incentive to cooperate without morals. People that can't understand how a cooperative society is beneficial to the self, require morals(simplified make believe system) for incentives. Morals aren't ideal because they don't evolve as societies evolves, causing conflict. In other-words, morals are fanatical. Women tend to conform more than men. src: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conformity This means that women tend to be more moral than men. People that believe in morals think moral people are good. People that understand society observe that moral people are actually taxing on society.
—Guest Angelo

subtle realities

I think women are more keenly aware of subtle realities than men naturally. More aware of and have more access to altered states of consciousness and the fact that on some level we share a communal consciousness in addition to our own individual consciousness and also that archetypes do matter in shaping reality and are at least subconsciously aware of that. I think that women tend to be more like psychologists in their makeup - and there are synchronicities to be explained that only religion seems to touch - the fact that there might be some kind of quantum neural net also explains this but this is not mainstream information so the next best thing is religion.

Women believers

2 reasons women are more prone to believe. 1) Women are often more ethical than men having a stronger conviction of right and wrong. Perhaps from having to ward of would be virginity theives. Since faith and obedience to a righteous God makes ethical sense; hence they do the right thing. 2) Compassion. Christians and other righteous religions demonstrate compassion. Women are more relational, sensitive and emotionally connected generally than men; and once again motivated to do the right thing in a compassionate and relational sense. (not always - always exceptions on both sides)
—Guest Vince

Social Activities

I think part of the answer lies in the fact that organized religion puts great importance on social activities, "family activities". We are all social animals and I think women are more so than men.
—Guest Cliff Willard

Also the desire for a father figure?

I agree with the reasons suggested here - women may think less critically, may be more accustomed to servitude or submission, and more interested in creating a kinder society than men, on average. Also I think women have a different relationship with their father, or father figure - it's a need to be cared for, while men often rebel or compete against their fathers.


Women are at the receiving end of the worst their society can throw at them. They are mostly the down trodden, uneducated section of a society without real hope, religion offers comfort and the promise of a better life, even if it is after death or in a next incarnation.
—Guest Jay

Women more gullible?

Women tend to be more prone to believing in something they can't see, taste, touch, or smell, hence the belief in a masculine authority-based religion. It's taken me many years to get away from religion, and the concept of male domination as well. We women really have to learn to stand up for ourselves, both in the home and in society in general.
—Guest Lady Thanatolia

Interesting results

If 92% did in fact affirm they believe in God or a "universal spirit," what does that say about recent polls indicating Atheists now approach 20% of the population?
—Guest Rick

i am a highly educated female

and i believe it is biological that men are more relied to their own strength rather than to a god who would 'help' and also educational. the connection between level of education and of intelligence has been proven to be higher in atheists as myself. i refer here to level of education. as for level of intelligence,it does develop with education but given the same education women have been found to have 3% higher iq than men. this finding is of a married couple scientists. lol
—Guest niki


There is a signifigant difference between belief in a diety and being involved in a religion. One does not necessarily follow the other. While the difference in belief may be within the margin of error between men and women, during my early life when I attended religious services, I was very aware that the majority of those present were women. I have a feeling that women hope that religious teaching may foster a kinder, less aggressive and less competitive society than might exist without it.
—Guest RUSS

No real difference

The article states "To be fair, the difference in belief in God between men and women is just within the margin of error." - If it is within the margin of error, there is no reason to think there is a real difference. Why are we talking about it as if there is?
—Guest Susan

Religion and Sexism

I suspect that it is because in many cultures women are taught to be submissive and obedient. Most modern religions are based on submission to a masculine god, and most have male-only priests, ministers, etc., so naturally women who have been brainwashed with the idea of male superiority will obey them. In a country like the USA, it isn't so difficult to rebel against this attitude, but in theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia, rebellion is unthinkable.

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Why Do More Women than Men Believe in God?

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