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Readers Respond: Undermining Support for Theocracy in America

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Only a minority of Americans support amending the U.S. Constitution to make Christianity America's official religion, but it's a disturbingly large majority: 32%. Even more worrisome is the large majority of evangelical Christians who support this: 66%. That's far too many Americans who support transforming America into a theocracy.

What, if anything, can be done about this? Is there anything which secularists and supporters of church/state separation can do to reduce support for theocracy — both the support in the overall American public and support among evangelical Christians? What tactics would you recommend? Share Your Solution


The facts of biology are taught too late in the elementary school curricula. Evolution is as much a demonstrated fact as gravity...but it is still treated as being tentative by educators. This leaves an unfortunate opening in the minds of young people that can really be exploited by religionists. Also, parents are allowed to inculcate their minor children with religion and it is not considered child abuse. It should be. Support the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I don't want any religion running any government. It is a sure prescription for loss of human rights and freedoms.
—Guest Jeanette Cook


It would seem to me that any poll that includes non-Christians, ATHEISTS, and Catholics as supporting CHRISTIANITY as the religion of the US...there's gotta be something really REALLY wrong here. Oh, I dunno, how about the brainwashing LIES that hardover Christians keep trying to slam down every non-Christians throat with threats of apocalyptic pain and suffering by their abusive overseer if you don't. No, this "poll" is a lie. Lemme see...does anyone remember historical religious persecution in Europe? Oh, and well, 11 million Jews...? Let's not go there please.
—Guest SKBunting


That would be Lawrence Krauss ;). Sorry for the mistake, should have double-checked first.
—Guest Thomas2000

Educate people.

I think you are right when you said that many people probably just don't understand the question. I don't think the 8% of atheists understand that it would turn this country into a theocracy and/or understand the implications of turning this country into a theocracy. What can we do about it? I think we should keep doing what we're already doing. Promote skepticism, reason, and critical thinking. Plant a seed of doubt in the mind of the theist. There's a movie with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Strauss called The Unbelievers which is intended to be released this year (2013) and you can expect that it will promote these three things. Spread the news.
—Guest Thomas2000

What can be Done?

The best rational minds in the country need to publicly publish and be interviewed on talk shows that gives reasons why theocracy must be kept out of the Constitution. Otherwise their thoughts are inert.
—Guest Shenonymous

Not learning from the past

A review of past theocracies (and those of the present) will show that such governments do not work. The end result is always oppression and loss of freedom. Now, peole can argue that such things can occur in atheist governments as well. While this, of course is true, does it really make a difference if one is being oppressed by a theistic or atheisic government?
—Guest Jeanne

Teach History!

One heartening statistic is the number of children of devout parents who find their way to atheism and skepticism once they escape their oppressive parental homes. Probably the most important battleground on this issue is public schools. Those need to be defended tooth and nail against the christian fascists' relentless drive to replace public education with home-schooling and private religious schools.
—Guest Ullrich Fischer

Religious opression

I believe that we should emphasize the fact that all the froups of original settlers of America were refugees from opression by the established religion of their home countries. Those include the Pilgrims, the Huegonots, the Welsh Quakers, the Palatine Germans, and the Scotch Irish. Make the point that whenever a religion becomes the state (established) religion, it oppresses all other religions. Our founding fathers knew that and chose to prevent it. We must bring that back into our awareness.

Recall the past

- Recall the fact that the Fathers of the Country didn't establish a theocracy, but were skeptics. - Recall all the troubles and wars that religion had caused along the years. - Recall the corruption of all religious leaders. - Recall that "Jesus" ran away when a crew tried to make him king. - They will have to solve the following questions: If there are so many distinct sects and religions, they differ on many ideas and philosophies, how are they going to bring unbiased order to a country? Or what religion should rule the others? Protestants, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Jews? The ones with more wealth/power? The religion of the minorities? Is there a democracy for religion - Can people elect their church leaders? And will the leaders accept leaving their privileged status? - Make them fight against one another, and the idea will vanish. Politics must be free of unreasonableness of theism.
—Guest Max

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Undermining Support for Theocracy in America

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