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Readers Respond: Explaining How a Snake Could Talk in the Garden of Eden

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What do you think? Do you agree that this biblical story about a talking snake is absurd or is there some way to explain or interpret the story to make it seem reasonable or sensible? Is there any reason to think that a story with a talking snake is anything other than a fable or fairy tale?

If so, your solution cannot add anything new that's not already in the biblical text and cannot leave out any details that the Bible provides. Share Your Solution


This is proof that there was television and and movies in the garden of Eden. I have seen snakes talk on tv and movie theaters Haven't we all?
—Guest davidm

Aside from Talking

After the whole business is over, God punishes the snake by saying "upon your belly you shall go." You have to assume then that when the snake was conversing with Eveq, it possessed limbs of some sort. The implication is that it (and other snakes) had limbs, so that makes Genesis evolutionary. Snakes lost their limbs. I guess God must have caused snakes to lose their limbs via natural selections (if he had done in in one fell swoop, we wouldn't expect snakes to have vestigial hind limbs, which some do). So genesis strongly implies evolution. Biblical literalists, wake up! The business about "dust you shall eat all the days of your life" I guess we can take as metaphorical, since snakes are all predators. Of course it could be that Genesis snakes were all arboreal and that after the deed, God forces them to be terrestrial, but of course there are still arboreal snakes, so either God goofed or the loss-of-limbs version is the best.
—Guest Richard Thomas

There Is a Talking DONKEY in the Bible!

In addition to the ridiculous talking snake in the bible, There Is Also in the Old Testament Book of Numbers a TALKING DONKEY !!!! Which Makes Asses of All Bible Believers !!! Book of Numbers Chapter 22: Verses 28 - 30 !!!
—Guest Val John Barlow


Person of faith just get angry at you for bringing this up. They like their comfort zone and you are shaking it. If this is wrong, maybe they won't see momma and daddy again. Wow! It was painful enough the first time and now you are saying they are gone! For ever? Satan!
—Guest Doubter


All religious beliefs are derived from and nurtured by authority. Blind, unquestioning belief forces belief in the absurd.
—Guest JDM

Wait, it's worse

Regardless of whether the serpent could talk or not, or was a ventriloquist dummy for Satan, or whatever, anyone who reads the story must accept these truths: 1) One entity promised that eating (or even touching!) the fruit would cause A&E to surely die. 2) Another entity promised that upon eating the fruit, A&E would not die, their eyes would be opened, and they would understand good and evil. Somebody lied to Eve. And it wasn't the serpent.
—Guest Caro Cogitatus

Tom C

The snake in the Garden of Eden and the whole story of creation should be legendary. As in any other religious believes this the story of creation and many other stories in the Old Testament are the old stories transferred through generations before man was capable of writing them down. For me Jesus' 'teaching teachings are good valid all the time even when there is no original sin nor He died for for it. He was a revelutionery died for his own principles.
—Guest Thomas Chandy

Talking snake

It could have been a dream. I strongly suspect that many Bible stories and other mythological stories come from dreams. In ancient times, people didn't know about the subconscious mind, so they most likely thought that some deity or evil spirit was talking to them.

talking snake

Kids should know for it must have come from from the sesame street program.hahahaha.
—Guest brian baker


Love that snake! s/he was just testing to see if they were going to commit the unforgivable sin which is BLAME!
—Guest pat

How a Snake Could Talk

Belief is a powerful tool of the enemy, so called believers cast facts out when trying to prove a point
—Guest jetset2

No talking snakes!

A snake is not built to speak in human language, it has no larynx and its lips are not shaped to pronounce sounds needed to speak a language, as a matter of fact, snakes don’t have lips, and has a long tongue, forked but the split wouldn’t facilitate spoken language sounds. The physical shape of the snake, Genesis 3:14-15, was ‘cursed’ to crawl on its belly (it must have had legs prior to being accused of beguiling Eve to eat of the fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden). Nothing was mentioned about the shape of the mouth of the snake. What is seen today is what A&E would have seen in the garden. The story is completely an imaginary invention by Hebrew fabletellers. Also, the language would have to be Hebrew since Genesis was written in the language of the Hebrews. That fact would not have much meaning except the phonetics of Hebrew comes from a Proto-Semitic Sumerian language, which means, curiously, the Sumerians came before Adam and Eve and…the snake.
—Guest Shenonymous

Talking reptiles

A late night talk show we listen to speaks at times of "reptilians" or anthropomorphic reptiles. Eve must have been ditzy, naïve and perhaps lonely and would talk to anyone or anything that came slithering by - without questioning the logic. Perhaps she was waiting for one of the animals to talk and didn't give it a second thought. An all knowing god would have known about this in advance so it would have been a set up. I'm sure Lilith wouldn't have made the same mistake.
—Guest Sean

damn snake

This is impossible to make any sense out of if you want to take it seriously that is. Is this where the tradition of giving the teacher an apple started? If she eats of it then there will be class today, darn there goes playtime.
—Guest davidm


The whole Adam and Eve story is ridiculous, but Christians must believe it, because if there were no Adam and Eve there was no original sin, and if there were no original sin, how to explain baptism and the purpose of the death of Jesus on a cross?
—Guest James Morgan

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Explaining How a Snake Could Talk in the Garden of Eden

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