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Readers Respond: Explaining Why a Forbidden Tree is in the Middle of the Garden of Eden

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What do you think about how the Bible depicts God's choices about where to place the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Do you think there is some way to interpret the Genesis story about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that makes God look sensible, reasonable, and intelligent?

If so, your solution cannot add anything new that's not already in the biblical text and cannot leave out any details that the Bible provides. Share Your Solution


Why did they find themselve naked?Some people says that the fruit in the tree was sex..what are you saying guys about this!
—Guest Jackson Mogale


You can't make sense of the story by keeping it in the context of current Christian belief. The story was an old one, from before the time of omnipotent gods. The tree of life was where God found it. It wasn't his creation. He couldn't do anything about it. Wait, you're saying, didn't God create the heavens and earth? Nah. Different story. That the stories were conflated doesn't make them compatible. It was a slapdash lash-up, and no one cared about consistency.
—Guest John Conolley


Thousands of years ago a misogynist wrote a story. Thousands of years went by before some people started thinking about the story and realised that it's an impossible scenario. Solution? Rewrite the bible to gain mass appeal Again.
—Guest Jay

Maintaining garden

Eve had no intentions of eating from the forbidden tree fruit. What happened was that god screwed up again. He did not warn them that the garden had to be maintained by pruning and trimming the trees & plants. So the garden became an intermingled jungle and she mistakenly grabbed the wrong fruit.
—Guest Jesus Alvarez

Stupid planning

Create creatures and know exactly what they will do (God knows all, right?), then punish them for it. And people worship such an idiot.
—Guest MaryL

good rationale

Solution in Gnostic thinking. - 'The Lord God made all kinds of trees ... trees that were ... good for food'. Then two trees that are NOT specified there as 'good for food'. Neither is specified as having been planted by this particular GOD.. 'In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' Look further, it reads.. 'And the Lord God said, The man has now BECOME LIKE ONE OF US, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.' Now the point is that in the themes of ancient mythology, those trees and their fruit were put there for the use of the gods, not for the 'gardener'. (Notice that there is absolutely not a single word that describes the garden as being man's garden. from the start, man is intended to be the caretaker in GOD'S GARDEN. So the two trees are there to give only THE 'GODS' immortal life and knowledge of good and evil.

not fair

I think you would have a lot more believers if there was evidence of a few things about this topic. What happened to the tree; the flaming sword and the guardian angel? it just doesn't seem fair that modern day man cannot see the evidence of this amazing tree. Also what was the guardian angel for? was the flaming sword not enough to keep people away from the tree or was the angel protecting people from getting burned, cut or killed?
—Guest davidm

Syncretic Paganism

Religions followed trade routes then and now. Attempts to syncretise religions made it easier for trade to flourish, like common languages and common currencies. Most religions are the result of deifying useful plant or animal species (or regions) so as to present esoteric information in metaphoric form hiding the 'truth' from the profane. Mysteries hidden to all but the initiates. Tree of Knowledge = Kabalah, Serpent = Kundalini. 'Sin' sort of equals pre Islamic lunar dieties. And so on. The gods of one religion form the devils of the next. God is a mechanisms for distributing power wealth and property which is why gods have been fashioned in "the market's" image. Human ethology and not economics will provide a rational analysis - god is not the enemy only the finger pointing at the moon which is made of fungible lots of green cheese.
—Guest RuttySnails


I don't think it matters what religious belief you are or even if you are Atheist, I think the writers meant this to be allegorical. It shows the power of women over men. This in no way should be interpreted as woman's fault for the sins of the world. No matter how more physically strong a man may be compared to a woman, a woman still has strengths to tap into to help balance the equation. If both parties are smart they will use this example to fortify their union.

Makes sense to me.

The tree was well placed by God.¿How else was he going to get the ball rolling to fill hell up with sinners? ¿ By hiding the tree somewhere? The way I see it, it all fits nicely in his plan. ¿ Don't believe me? Ask any fundamentalist christian..he'll tell ya!
—Guest David Juarbe Vargas


I think anyone who can't look at that question, and say," Here's your sign." Is wasting brain power on trying to learn, understand, and BELIEVE in the superstitions of men who knew absolutely nothing of how the world came to be. I say learn it, forget it, 'cause it will keep you in intellectual bondage if you can't tell the difference between real knowledge, and fairy tales. I actually have a real answer to that question too! God didn't do any of it. Bam! Now we can look for proof of an eternal creator that actually deserves to be called God. One who made things exactly the way they wanted them to be, intsead of us mocking them with our shallow, narrow-minded personification of what WE want them to be.
—Guest 72

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Explaining Why a Forbidden Tree is in the Middle of the Garden of Eden

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