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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Why Do Some Atheists Think the Bible is the Word of God?

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Is there some way for a person to be an atheist or an agnostic and still believe that the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Torah, the Koran, or the Book of Mormon really is the "Word of God"? Can atheism or agnosticism be reconciled with believing that any book is the word of any gods? According to a 2007 poll, 5% of atheists and agnostics think the Old Testament is the Word of God, 6% think the New Testament is the Word of God, and 3% think the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Why?

Perversity too

Along with Borsia's suggestion, I think some people would give contradictory answers as a kind of joke.

What the bible is

The bible is carbon marks on bleached flattened vegetable fibre. What's the big deal?
—Guest Russell

Atheists can believe there is a God !!

There are plenty of Atheists who believe in the "possibility" of a god(s), however, they do not believe in the popularized version of god(s) as described by the many holy books and believers. Atheists would accept the following: God = whatever that has caused all that is..........to actually be (exist). If empirical proof that the big bang, evolution or protons popping in and out of existence is what is responsible for all that is then that is what Atheists will respect greatly and refer to as God, their Creator. If empirical proof shows that God is truly the god of the Koran, Torah or Holy Bible, then that is what the Atheist will believe and join you in Mosque, Synagogue or church that next Sabbath/Sunday. If all you have is faith then the Atheist will put you on the shelf next to all the other hundreds of faith-based religions and their god(s).

Think about this for just a second...

By definition an atheist rejects the concept of a divine or supernatural agent. Therefore, if person A says that they believe a book is the word of "God" then it would be nonsensical to call the an atheist. The question itself is an oxymoron and whoever answered yes to it is either confused, ignorant, or deliberately untruthful.
—Guest Captain Obvious

Possibly due to Biblical literalism

Maybe "is the word of God" is being confused with "is supposed to be the word of God". Many atheists interpret the Bible in a similar manner as fundamentalists. We believe, for instance, that the weird directives in Deuteronomy are supposed to be from God, and not simple law makers. We know that it was from simple law makers, but we argue with non-literal theists as if it was supposed to be from God.
—Guest Tylerious

dirty novels

the bible is the word of primitive,primarily ignorant,people from a part of the world that has never displayed greatness in anything since the fall of the persian empire.the only think the jews do well is take other peoples stuff because they think they are entitled to it.many of the things they wrote in their books justifies this behavior.

atheists buying some god verses, ect

As an Atheist, I believe in NO religious books or gods!!! Any who do, aren't Atheists!
—Guest jim

Polls are unreliable

Polls are not totally unreliable, but I suspect that many persons do not respond honestly. Also many persons are confused by the questions. The word "god" is used in confusing ways, for instance: How can anything be "godless" or how can "god" be removed from anything if god does exist. Yet that is common to the rhetoric of fundamentalists.

In the Words of Anglican Bishop Spong:

The people who wrote the books in the Bible did not think they were writing "The Word of God." That is a quite elementary but singularly important place to begin.
—Guest lwaynew@hotmail.com

I think I may have it figured out.

The individual is a lifelong Christian and then finally gets around to reading the Holy Bible, both Testiments! WOW! He/she is shocked by what is to be read about Yahweh and the other characters in the Bible. He/she decides that being a Christian is not so cool, not if you are to be a moral person, so... well, you know the rest. However, the possibility is that he/shee will come to believe the Bible is NOT the word of God. Then that individual might start believing again. Best I coud come up with. Grandpa Grandpa

A sick joke?

This must some kind of sick joke. Anyone who claims that any of the myriad of "Holy Books", of whatever belief system, was authored, or inspired by a god is not, and I repeat, IS NOT an Atheist. It seems like someone was playing a joke on the poll takers, or the poll takers fabricated the whole charade!
—Guest Don R

I tend to suspect dishonesty

I wouldn't be at all surprised if theists, especially Christians, marked themselves as atheists just to screw with the poll. I've known a number over the years who think this way and see themselves as some sort of religious spy or vigilantly. Just as both political parties will vote in the other parties primary to promote the weakest candidate. If you are atheist there is no way that you could ever say that you believe there is any word of a god since none exist.


i dont care about fence stradlers but if you are an atheist there is no god therefor their are no writings by same. the bible was writen by humans
—Guest robert shaw


Represents is the key word here. Many respondents may be saying "Yes it does represent the word of god to a believer". That word was left out in your synopsis above.
—Guest Fabian Mel MelGar

imaginary author

That's impossible. By the very definition an atheist does not believe in god. How could an atheist possibly believe that a creature that does NOT exist write a book? Rick Perry must have designed that bogus survey
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