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Readers Respond: Most Atheists & Agnostics are Clear about the Meaning and Purpose in their Lives

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From the article: Atheists & Purpose

Can you claim to be clear about the meaning and purpose of your live? Do you generally feel at peace in your life? If the surveys are accurate, it would appear that Christians are at least more likely to feel at peace than atheists or agnostics and might be more likely to feel clear about the meaning and purpose in their lives. Do you think that's true and, if so, what does it mean? Share Your Ideas

Firm in Faith

Agnosticism means nescience. It is based on the doctrine that we can know nothing beyond the material phenomena, nor we can prove or disprove the existence of God. It is an intellectual affirmation on uncertainty of claims to ultimate knowledge. Robert Green Ingersoll (1833 – ’99) advocated that Gods are man’s creations. In my opinion, the local Gods were either virtual as noble characters in fiction based on local history and written for local people or human who had done yeomen service to the people in the area or those punished with even death, for organizing opposition to injustice by the ruling community. Theistic religions promote the local Gods as universal God(s). Since 1952 (at 14), I have been a firm agnostic and I am quite sure that I would remain so, till my body turns putrid to destroy itself. Despite being DNA-oriented, I do not believe in the existence of mind (soul/Atma) beyond my physical end. Mind is a descendant and not an ascendant. I am clear and firm.
—Guest Agnostic A. S. Adikesavan

My Purpose...

My Purpose is wrapped up in the old line: "he who dies with the most toys wins!"
—Guest DigitalMorgan

Cliff Willard

My purpose in life is clear. To enjoy life as much as possible while having regard to the welfare of my fellow human beings and animals
—Guest Cliff Willard

People and Learning Provide Meaning

The meaning in my life comes from the interactions I have with others and the pursuit of those hobbies and interests that fill my life with pleasure and joy. I am guided by humanist principles and philosophy. I find meaning and purpose in working with others toward those goals and objectives that improve the human condition and lives of individuals. I find meaning in life in those conversations and discussions I have with people, whether they be skeptics and atheists, or believers, about topics of interest to me and to them. I find meaning and purpose in life through my daily efforts to learn and assist others in learning. I find meaning in the loving relationships I share with my wife and other loved ones. I find meaning in efforts to understand the cosmos through science rather than superstition, reason rather than revelation, empiricism rather than religious faith, and the use evidence rather than dogma.
—Guest Randy


This question is a projection of the human concept of purpose onto the cosmos. There is no reason to think that it would apply. We think in terms of purpose because of our experiences which have evolved through our central nervous system. To project that function onto the cosmos in an anthropomorphism. To our knowledge the universe has no cns nor a higher brain function. Purpose is a behavior of conscious sentient beings. So, the question is a misapplication.

Knock, Knock

Who's there? That's it in a nutshell...short and sweet. My life's meaning is the ultimate knock-knock joke. It started the day I was born and got slapped on the ass. Now, at 65, I'm still questing after the unfurling answer...the follow-up to "Lary who?" It's been fun...and still is. I must go now. I have windmills to tilt at...Onward Rocinante!

Educating Christians

My purpose in life is to educate as many Christians as possible about the History of Christianity. I now teach two college courses with that title and have had a good response. The response most students have is "I didn't know that." about such things as the crusades and the inquisition. They seem happy to be enlightened. Of course, I remain neutral and they do not know my belief or they would not attend.
—Guest Ralph

I know my purpose even without the bible

I lost my faith a while back just simply by reading the bible and watching the news. I havn't been to church or done much with christianity for a little over a year. I know my purpose in life is to be a loving father and husband to my children and wife. Careers and money come and go. I don't define myself by what job I do or what everyone else thinks of me. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sunshine, taking in a deep breath of morning air, hearing my children laughing and playing, giving my wife a kiss. I know I feel more love and mercy towards my fellow human now that I don't go to church. I don't judge people as much, I try to treat each person as an individual not as a lost soul that needs saving. If I can bring a smile to someones face or make them laugh along with everything else I mentioned, I know that is my purpose in life.
—Guest Aaron

What is Purpose?

Does purpose have the same meaning for atheists and theists? As an atheist, I make my own purpose for life. Is a theist's only purpose in life to make it to heaven? My purpose is to live life to the fullest, without hurting others and to make others' lives as pleasant as I'd like my life, regardless of whether there is a heaven or hell. Do theists only have the purpose to try to make it to heaven, and is everything the theist does meant to work to that end? It seems atheists are equating "motivation" to do good with a purpose in life. The motivation isn't necessarily the purpose.
—Guest Daniel

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Most Atheists & Agnostics are Clear about the Meaning and Purpose in their Lives

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