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Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Website of 2011

Some atheist websites are narrowly focused on just one thing, like a blog or a forum. Others, though, strive to provide a lot of different things to visitors in order to create a better overall experience. Which do you think is the best overall atheist website out there?

To be eligible here, the site can't be just a blog, just a forum, just a social networking site, etc. Instead, the website must be of a more general nature, possibly hosting multiple such features. This very website is a good example, though of course it can't be eligible.

You can nominate up to three and and you must provide the name and URL of each site you nominate for Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Website of 2011.

Previous Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Website Winners:

Austin Cline
About.com Agnosticism/Atheism

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