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Critiques of Scientology

Skeptical critiques and attacks on Scientology, scientologists, Scientology principles and Scientology practices in America and around the world.

Investigating Scientology in Britain
Scientology is a made-in-America "religion," but it isn't limited to America. Scientology is being exported all around the world, which means that people in other countries are trying to come to grips with an organization that calls itself a religion, except when it isn't a religion and is instead something like a drug recover program, or something else. Whatever is convenient at any given time.

The Church of Scientology
A page with information from David H Dennis.

Christianity: A Comparison
Examination of the claim that the religious beliefs and teachings are compatable with those of Christianity.

Church Of Scientology
Scientology from a Christian perspective. Argues that Scientology and Christianity are mutually exclusive, despite what the CoS may say on the topic.

Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide
"Because of this history of repression, the following mythological fable should, among other things, be considered as a theoretical discussion of religious and non-religious opinions. As such, this fable is also intended to foster the discovery of social or moral lessons and to stimulate additional dialog about the growing public controversy surrounding the true nature and actions of the "religion" of Scientology. "

Critical information on various issues.

The Real Steve Fishman Page
Fishman's famous attacks against the Church of Scientology are presented here. Includes photos, and postings to alt.religion.scientology.

Xemu's $cientology Index
FAQs, jargon dictionary, songs, parodies and annotated links to 50 other pages.

Dutch BodyThetan Organization
"Guided Tour of Scientology and Dianetics."

Scientology -- organized madness
Views from Finland.

I am an Anti-Scientologist
Satire on pages generated using Scientology's kit. Information about Scientology, beliefs, and practices.

Lisa McPherson Memorial
Tribute to a Scientologist who is believed to have died in the care of the Church of Scientology. Media coverage, lawsuit info, autopsy results, and the Church's response.

According to this site, cataloguing and refuting "lies" from Scientology could take a lifetime: lies about its founder, its members, its critics, its cost, its drug treatment program, its policies, its ethics, its beliefs, and its compatibility with traditional religions.

Occupied Clearwater
Information on Scientology in Clearwater, Florida, a "home base" of Scientology in the USA.

Offlines Online
Personal story about Scientology, critical links, and reports of CoS harassment.

Operation Snow White
Eleven members of the Guardian Office were sent to jail. Where are they now?

Radio and TV Reports
From Operation Clambake. Archive of audio and video clips criticizing Scientology, its practices, and its leaders. Requires RealAudio.

The Real Issues
Response from Scientologists to the numerous criticisms of their systems and beliefs.

Scientology - Cult of Greed & Power?
Argues that Scientology involves abuse of power; includes testimonies, FAQs, and details on Operation Snow White.

Secret Library of Scientology
Links to articles criticizing the Church, its principles, and controversial practices.

Techniques in Scientology
Jon Atack's description of techniques used by Scientologists to convert new members.

Rick Ross: Scientology
A large collection of press articles related to the group's activities and impact.

Secrets of Scientology
Library of Scientology related essays, opinions and more.

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