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UFOs and Aliens

What is the "Face on Mars?" What really happened at Roswell? Who are the Dogon?

Religious Aspects of UFO Beliefs
If you look more closely at the belief in UFOs and alien abductions, something curious begins to emerge: it all starts to look a bit more like a religion than simply belief in something which isn't generally accepted. Perhaps the fact that there are self-professed UFO religions in America isn't a coincidence - perhaps these beliefs predispose people to forming a religion around them?

Robert Schaeffer on UFOs and Conspiracy Theories
"Getting into the paranoid spirit, I decided to attend dressed as a Man In Black: black shirt, pants, socks, and shoes, a black necktie, and a big black Western hat. When I first appeared I drew more amazed, wide-eyed stares than I'd ever seen before in my life."

There's No Business Like UFO Business
Belief in UFOs and alien abductions has been popular in America for years, but is it possible that this popularity is on the decline? That could be the case - at a recent conference for UFO aficionados, the number of attendees as dramatically lower than in previous years and there doesn't appear to be any sign that this was just a random fluke.

SETI, UFOs, and Science
Is the search for extra-terrestrial life scientific or a question of faith? It is a scientific pursuit and why this is the case can be demonstrated by comparing how it is done to the community of UFO believers. There are significant and fundamental differences between the two, differences which all adherents of pseudoscientific and paranormal beliefs should pay close attention to.

Questioning Alien Abductions
Are there people out there who have been abducted by aliens? Well, quite a few people certainly think that they have - indeed, they are absolutely convinced that it happens, that it happened to them, and even that they are somehow "special" because they were singled out for abduction. But why? They aren't psychotic or mentally ill according to any standard tests.

Hallucinations, Fantasies, and Contact with Aliens
To what extent can reports of strange, paranormal events - like for example alleged abductions by aliens - be explained by people simply being prone to hallucinations and fantasies? There is some reluctance to rely on such explanations because they appear to denigrate those making the claims, but there is evidence that these explanations have real potential.

Philip J. Klass and UFOs
Most people have probably not heard of Philip J. Klass, which is unfortunate. Klass was one of America's prominent skeptical investigators of alleged UFO sightings. He travelled widely and wrote a large number of books and articles on the subject. Even believers in UFOs had to acknowledge his tireless work on behalf of the truth. He died in August, 2005.

The Bermuda Triangle
A nice, critical examination of all the major Triangle claims, along with refutations.

Channeling UFOs.
A new special: two pseudoscientific ideas for the price of one!

The Doctor's Plot
A critical look at John Mack, UFO cheerleader for the masses.

Flying Saucer Cults
Cults, UFOs, and religion - they have an awful lot in common

Make it Important!
A call upon UFO believers to "put their money where their mouth is." Very sound advice.

NOVA Online
Interview touching on UFOs and many aspects of astronomy.

One rational explanation of what may have really happened that night.

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