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Spring Holidays: Religious Holidays & Holy Days in Spring

Most religions have holidays in the spring - celebrating the beginning of Spring may be among the oldest seasonal holidays in human culture. The earliest reference we have to such a holiday comes to us from Babylon, 2400 BCE. The city of Ur apparently had a celebration dedicated to the moon and the Spring equinox which was held some time during our months of March or April.

Valentine's Day: Pagan Holiday or Christian Holiday? Pagan Origins of...
Isn't Valentine's Day a Christian day, named after a Christian saint? When we consider the matter more closely, we don't find a strong relationship between Christian saints and romance. There is a lot of debate and disagreement among scholars about the origins of Valentine's Day. We'll never be able to disentangle all of the cultural and...

Religion & Groundhog's Day: Christian & Pagan Origins of a Secular, Seasonal...
Most residents of North America are familiar with Groundhog's Day, celebrated every year on February 2. What people may not be so familiar with is the fact that there are important religious origins that lie behind that celebration, even if those origins are no longer recognizable. Today, Groundhog's Day is treated as a purely secular, if...

Easter & The Spring Equinox: Religious Background, Traditions
In Christianity, the Easter celebration is held to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe happened three days after he was buried, having been crucified by Roman authorities just outside of Jerusalem. Easter takes place at the same time as Jewish Passover and, as such, is not a fixed date on the calendar but instead moves around.

Spring Equinox and Religion: Pagan Celebrations & Ancient Traditions
The pagan roots of Easter can be located in the celebration of the Spring Equinox, a date that has been treated as an important holiday by many different religions and for many millennia. Biologically and well as culturally, the Spring Equinox represents for cultures in northern climates the end of a "dead" season and the rebirth of life, as well as the importance of fertility and reproduction.

Valentine's Day: Religious Origins and Background
The religious origins and background of Valentine's Day: Although most popular in its secular aspects in America, Valentine's Day is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It was not, however, always a secular holiday for the celebration of love - it has roots going back through ancient Christian celebrations of martyrdom and ancient pagan celebrations of fertility.

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