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Christian Nationalism & Christian Fascism


What Will it Take to Cause Christian Nationalism to Become Fully Fascist?
Christian Nationalism & Christian Fascism: What Will Cause Christian Nationalism to Become Fascist?

Christian Nationalism & Christian Fascism: What Will it Take to Cause Christian Nationalism to Become Fully Fascist?

Image © Austin Cline, Licensed to About; Original Poster: Nazi Propaganda

Many are disturbed about far-right movements in America displaying too many characteristics of fascism. The central organizing ideology behind these groups is Christian Nationalism, the belief that America should have its cultural, legal, and political institutions organized along narrowly defined conservative, evangelical Christian lines. Christian Nationalist movements exhibit many of the basic characteristics of fascist movements except for one: organized, militant groups willing and able to use violence to achieve their goals.

There have been attempts to create such militant gangs, for example the militia movement, but none have had broad success. More recently vocal representatives of Christian Nationalism have encouraged people to become more militant. Ann Coulter, for example, has asked "Where are the skinheads when you need one" in the context of driving someone out of Yale and said to a crowd "You're men. You're heterosexuals. Take 'em out." in response to critics of a speech she was giving.

Especially serious are remarks from Michael Savage who said on his radio show that he wants all licensed gun owners to organize in their neighborhoods and "learn how to create a homeland defense system in this country." He also said that he wants the militarization of our children: "They're training their sons to use an AK-47, and we're teaching our sons how to swing a baseball bat. Tell me who wins that fight. ...I have nothing against baseball, but the times don't call for an obsession with sports. They call for a militarization of our children."

This sounds like a call for the organization of armed gangs in our neighborhoods and the training of our children to become foot soldiers in an uncontrolled American army -- a militia answerable only to whatever leaders are able to hold their attention. This would be nothing less than an American equivalent of the SA, the brownshirts whose street battles in Weimar Germany helped the NSDAP acquire power. Rather than allowing children in America to enjoy childhood, he wants to enlist them in a war against "Islamofascism." Most look at the militarization of children in other nations with dismay; proto-fascists in America look at this as a model to emulate.

This image is based upon a German post from the Nazi era. It originally said "Gerade Du," and meant something like "You, Too" or "You, More than Ever" and encouraged German children who were members of the Hitler Youth to join the Waffen SS.

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