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Environmental Problems Don't Exist or are a Sign of the Apocalypse

Jesus is Coming: Don't Worry, Be Happy


Don't Worry, Be Happy: Environmental Problems Don't Exist or are a Sign of the Apocalypse

Don't Worry, Be Happy: Environmental Problems Either Don't Exist or are a Sign of the Apocalypse, Jesus' Second Coming

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One thing which has confused many observers is Christian Nationalists' intransigent opposition to almost anything designed to improve or protect the environment. Their opposition to abortion and homosexuality make some sense; their opposition to lowering pollution levels and fighting global warming do not. Even if the proposed measures were flawed in some fashion, there aren't any theological principles at issue -- are there? In fact there are. Christian Nationalists oppose environmental legislation for several reasons, almost all of which are basically religious.

The one possible political reason for Christian Nationalists' opposition to most environmental legislation is the fact that they are in a political alliance with business interests which oppose this legislation on financial grounds. Supporting the legislation would mean opposing their usual political allies and it makes sense that they wouldn't want to do this. On the other hand, Christian Nationalists don't normally give in when they have theological issues at stake, so it's not clear just how strong of a reason this really is.

The more important reasons are religious. In the first place, many sincerely believe that because the Bible says God will provide, then this means that there are sufficient natural resources for everyone on the planet. They don't believe that there is any real crisis, so there is no reason to conserve or recycle because we won't run out. We especially don't need to limit population growth. Any effort to do such things is a sign that one doesn't really believe in God's promise that he will provide. If they aren't hypocrites, these Christians also don't save money or buy much beyond their immediate needs. God will provide, after all.

A second and perhaps larger reason is the popular belief that the End Times are close. The End Times are always close and there are always signs that it is approaching; today, these signs include flood, drought, hurricanes, and other ecological problems. These Christians may not even dispute that there are severe environmental problems because they just don't care. If the disasters are a sign of the Second Coming, it doesn't make much sense to fix them. If the world will end soon, it doesn't make much sense to worry about the environment. Christian Nationalists have other concerns.

This image is based on a poster that warned people to keep nature green and not start forest fires.

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