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Religion & Sex: How do Religious Beliefs and Sexuality Interact

People's two favorite topics and how they intersect through history. How does religion influence sexuality?
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Vox Day: Raping Unchaste Women Not So Bad?
"If a woman consents to extramarital sex, she is committing a moral offense which is equal to that committed by the man who engages in consensual sex with her, or by the man who, in the absence of such consent, rapes her. Christianity knows no hierarchy of sins."
Is Christianity Sex-Positive or Sex-Negative?
One of the charges leveled against Christianity is that, historically, it has created exceptionally negative attitudes about sex and sexuality, leading to unnecessary guilt, oppression, and depression. Some counter, however, that encouraging sex only in a 'godly' context is actually sex-positive. Do you agree?
And Adam Knew Eve
A dictionary of sex in the Bible, with all the sexy parts highlighted.
Christian BDSM
"The purpose of this website is to explore the Biblical teachings of Dominance and submission between men and women in a marriage..."
Female Figures in Ancient Egypt
Images of women that illustrate the connections between sexuality, fertility, and religion.
Liberated Christians
Find out what the bible really says - and means - about sex and nonmanogamous culture (at least according to these liberated Christians, that is).
PostFun Christian Sex Tour
Learn some things about the Christianity aand how it has treated sexuality through its history.
Religion vs. Sex
On the conflicts between religion and sexuality.
Sex and God
James A. Haught examines just how twisted religious ideology can be.
Sex, Christianity & Sexual Repression
Explore the relationship between sex and christianity - and how the latter can repress the former.
Sex in the Bible
A closer look at things like prostitution, homosexuality, polygamy, concubines, fornication, incest and more as they appear in the Bible.
Mormon Tactics Against Masturbation
Having trouble dealing with masturbation? Trying to stop but just can't figure out how? Have no fear! There is help for those of you afflicted with this terrible addiction - and the Mormon Church knows the way. Just follow a few simple steps and you'll be free in no time.
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