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Muslims have rioted over Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad. Why? One claim has been that Islam forbids visual depictions of Muhammad, which is strange given how often images of Muhammad appear in Muslim history. We can also find many visual images of Muhammad in European history, all without Muslims rioting and threatening to destroy civil liberties. Here you will find numerous images of Muhammad, some Muslim and some European, accompanied by verses of war and violence in the Quran.
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Muhammad in Hell; Dante's Inferno Canto 28, verses 30-31; Illustration by Gustave DoreMuhammad in HellIllustration of MuhammadAllah Has Predestined some to HellMuhammad Leads Muslims in a MassacreViolence and War in IslamMuhammad Preaching IslamCan Muslims be Friends with Non-Muslims?
Muhammad Riding a CamelPunishments for Evildoers, Eternal and TemporalMuhammad Arrives in MedinaMuslims Fighting the NonbelieversMuhammad Teaching About IslamWoe Unto Those Who Disblieve MuhammadMuhammad Riding into MedinaKill or Crucify Your Enemies
Muhammad at the Kaaba in MeccaNonbelievers Aren't Allowed Near the KaabaMuhammad Rides al-Burak into HeavenEven the Angels Will Smite DisbelieversMuhammad Arrives Triumphantly (possibly at Mecca)Muslims Should Not Kill Muslims

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