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Prophet Muhammad of Islam: Who was Muhammad? Did he Found Islam?

Muslims believe that Muhammad is the last Prophet of God. Muslims accept the validity of earlier revelations from legitimate prophets, like Jesus and Moses, but also believe that their revelations have become corrupted. Muhammad is the last prophet and his revelation from Allah, contained in the Quran, is free from error. What was Muhamamd, really?

Muhammad Drawings, Pictures, Cartoons
Muslims have rioted over Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad. Why? One claim has been that Islam forbids visual depictions of Muhammad, which is strange given how often images of Muhammad appear in Muslim history. We can also find many visual images of Muhammad in European history, all without Muslims rioting and threatening to destroy civil...

Who Was Muhammad?
Not very much is known about Muhammad's early life, although he is widely believed to have been born in 570 C.E. in Mecca. The earliest accounts we have of him date to 750 C.E. with the book Life by Ibn Ishaq, more than one hundred years after Muhammad's death.

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