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Biographies of Famous Philosophers: Biographical Profiles, Philosopher

The history of philosophy is very much the history of individual philosophers: their ideas, their arguments, and the conversations they have had across time and cultures. A solid understanding of philosophy therefore requires a solid understanding of what individual philosophers have thought, written, and argued.

Biographies of Famous Philosophers, Index
Available on this site are a large number of short biographies of a wide variety of philosophers throughout history. A few of the biographies are of other intellectuals - psychologists, sociologists, scientists and others. However, the vast majority are philosophers of one sort or another.

Socrates Biography: Biographical Profile of Socrates
Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who became very influential in the development of Greek philosophy and, thus, Western philosophy in general. The most extensive knowledge we have of him comes from Plato's many dialogues, but there is a little information about him in the historian Xenophon's Memorabilia, Apology and Symposium, and in...

Aristotle Biography: Biographical Profile of Aristotle
Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher whose work has been extremely important to the development of both western philosophy and western theology. It has traditionally been thought that Aristotle started out in agreement with Plato and gradually moved away from his ideas, but recent research suggests just the opposite.

Rene Descartes Biography: Biographical Profile of Rene Descartes
Rene Descartes was a French philosopher who is widely regarded as the 'founder' of the modern age of philosophy because he challenged and questioned all of the traditional systems of thinking, most of which were founded upon Aristotle’s ideas. Rene Descartes' treated philosophy as an integral part of other fields like mathematics and science.

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