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Cardinal Ivan Dias: Profile of a Candidate for Pope


Who is Cardinal Ivan Dias?:

Ivan Dias was born on April 14, 1936, in Mumbai, India.

Background and Early Life of Ivan Dias:

Although born in Mubai, India, Ivan Dias has spent most of his time outside of India. He studied in Rome and joined the Vatican’s diplomatic corps in 1964. For three decades he served in various papal embassies around the world. He has been pro-nuncio in Ghana, South Korea, and Albania.

Current Status of Ivan Dias:

Ivan Dias is archbishop of Mumbai, India.

Theology of Ivan Dias:

Ivan Dias is theologically conservative, something which stands in contrast to some of the more unusual views common among India’s Catholics. Because there is such a mix of religions in India, many Catholics there have adopted syncretistic positions that perceive God in all religions, including polytheistic ones.

Assessment of Ivan Dias:

Ivan Dias is the only major papal candidate from the Indian sub-continent and his chances are being elected are relatively remote. He is fluent in several languages and the fact that he comes from a third world nation would speak in his favor, though.

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