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The War on Christmas is Your Duty:

We Can't Destroy Christianity Until We Destroy the Christian Christmas


War on Christmas is Your Duty: Can't Destroy Christianity Until We Destroy the Christian Christmas

The War on Christmas is Your Duty: We Can't Destroy Christianity Until We Destroy the Christian Christmas

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For Christian Nationalists who promote the so-called War on Christmas, it's not enough to see references to Christmas everywhere. Instead, they insist that Christmas and Christian beliefs be given a special place of prominence over all other holidays during the season. If stores don't do it and thus don't make Christians special and favored, they won't spend their money in that store -- simply being equal is inadequate for their fragile egos.

As for adherents of other religions, well they'll just have to tough it out. Christians can't be expected to just "walk right by" generic holiday displays, but non-Christians will have to just "walk right by" Christmas holiday displays. Christians need to be favored and see their holiday given special treatment; non-Christians need to accept that they won't be treated equally with Christians. The fact that America is "predominantly Christian" is enough reason for all this.

Of course, one could make the same arguments on behalf of favoring whites over all other races. After all, America is "predominantly" white, so if "predominance" is enough of a reason to favor a majority and treat minorities unequally, then we have a sound legal and moral basis for treating whites as if they are special. After all, don't white people have fragile egos, like Christians, and need to be reminded at every turn that they are special?

Such policies would not only be unjust, but they would ultimately represent an injustice for everyone -- not just those directly affected. This is because a society which tolerates or even endorses injustice is one where everyone loses out, even those who imagine that they are benefiting. For this reason it is imperative that everyone join efforts to combat injustice, regardless of whether they personally suffer from it. Many whites recognized this and became active in the Civil Rights movement to secure justice for black Americans.

Those who haven't already bought into the Christian Nationalist rhetoric should think two or three times before doing so. Some day they may have to answer questions about whether they joined with those who worked on behalf of liberty for everyone or on behalf of an agenda that would give Christians special, favored status in society. The above image is based upon a World War I poster asking the reader what they will tell their children when asked what they did during the war.

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