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Weirdest Mormon Beliefs and Mormon Doctrines


Mormonism is widely regarded by outsiders as a 'weird' religion with 'weird' beliefs, but does it deserve such labels? Every religion is arguably 'weird' in some sense, but given Mormonism's historical and cultural context it's arguably much weirder than most. The LDS Church is presented by Mormons as a Christian church, but LDS teachings diverge from traditional, orthodox teachings in a number of weird and bizarre ways. It's little wonder that Mormons don't like to talk about all of their beliefs with outsiders.

Weird Mormon Beliefs about God

Some of the weirdest Mormon beliefs are probably their beliefs about God. Mormons insist that when they talk about God they are talking about the same God of Christianity, but in Mormon theology God was once a human just like humans today on earth, continues to be a creature of flesh and bone, has a throne on or near a planet or star named Kolob, is married to one or more wives, and isn't even responsible for the creation of the universe. None of this is consistent with orthodox Christianity.

Mormons Believe Mormon Men Will Become Gods

As weird as Mormon beliefs about God may be, many are surprised to learn that Mormon doctrines also teach that human beings — or at least human Mormon men — have a chance of becoming gods themselves someday. After all, God was also a human man who progressed enough spiritually to become god of a planet (our planet, Earth) and the same can be true of Mormon men who faithfully uphold all of the Mormon teachings handed down by God.

Mormons Believe Life Begins Before Conception with Spirit Children in Heaven

Christians disagree about when exactly life begins, but only Mormons believe that human life begins before conception. According to Mormonism, we all started out as spirit children, conceived through sexual intercourse between God and his wife which itself only gave spiritual form to an eternal intelligence that we once were. We are thus all literally children of God (and his wife) and all literally brothers and sisters.

Mormons Believe Jesus Was Created Through Sex... Twice!

Jesus was human, so Jesus was created the same way as the rest of us: first through sexual intercourse between God and his wife and then through sexual intercourse between two people here on Earth. Where Jesus differs, though, is that God was involved in both sex acts: he had sex with his wife in heaven to conceive Jesus as a spiritual child then he came down to Earth to have sex with Mary to conceive Jesus as a physical human being.

Mormons Believe There are Multiple Heavens, Not Just One Heaven

According to Mormon teachings there are multiple heavens and which heaven you go to will depend on what sort of life you lead. The highest heaven is reserved for Mormons who have faithfully upheld all of the Mormon teachings handed down by God. The rest of us must make do with an inferior level of heaven, assuming we go to heaven at all.

Most Mormon Men are Also the Mormon Priests and Bishops

The LDS Church is a church without any professional priesthood. Instead, all qualified Mormon men above a certain age are part of the Mormon priesthood. Those with sufficient standing will serve as Mormon bishops, at least for a time, with significant religious and administrative power over Mormons in their districts.

Mormons Believe the LDS Church is the Only Legitimate Christian Church

Mormons can be quite vociferous in defending against the criticism that they aren't genuinely Christians, but at the same time they deny that anyone but Mormons are genuinely Christian. It's not unusual for a church or denomination to deny the validity of at least some other Christian churches, but Mormons take it a step further and deny that Christianity existed at all in any legitimate form between the time of the original apostles and when Joseph Smith discovered the Golden Tablets.

Is Mormonism a Form of Christianity? Does It Even Matter?

It might not matter to some whether Mormonism is a form of Christianity or not, but since they insist that they are Christian then the validity of this claim says something about how trustworthy they are and how reasonable their religious claims are generally.

Why are Mormons Vague or Elusive About Controversial Mormon Teachings?

Mormons may deny that all their unusual beliefs are very "weird," but it cannot be denied that Mormons tend to be rather vague and even elusive when talking to outsiders regarding specifics about many of their beliefs and doctrines. Why is that if there isn't anything weird, bizarre, or strange about the teachings of the LDS Church? Why are Mormons taught in their missionary training to be circumspect and non-specific on a lot of controversial teachings discussed above?

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