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Atheist Mailbag & Hate Mail: Selections from Agnosticism/Atheism Mail

Collected here are some of the more interesting and outrageous emails I reveive as a consequence of running and writing for this site. Some is genuinely hateful and threatening, but much is simply amusing. I really have to wonder what people expect to achieve by writing such insult and attacks to a person they don't know and have never met.

Mailbag: Your Blasphemous Ways
"We are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs but I disagree with trying to force them upon people like you do."

Mailbag: Civil War, Slavery, and Christianity
"In short, when Southern preachers argued that slavery was Biblically justified, they were quite correct. Ambiguity does not exist here. Slavery was A-OK with Yahweh. But then, so was killing every living thing in a non-Israelite city. In Biblical terms, abolitionists didn%u2019t have a leg to stand on."

Mailbag: Intolerance & Hypocrisy
"Though sometimes overwrought, the upshot of Muslims' anger was some images were very disrespectful or hateful, part of a long history of non-Christian intolerance (e.g. the Crusades, the Holocaust) in Europe hiding as free speech."

Mailbag: Gays Don't Deserve Respect
"Are you gay?"

Mailbag: Can Christians Find the Courage to Be Oppressors?
"This is a personal issue for me, as I live in Munford--within hearing distance of the cheering that broke out the night the students recited the prayer. I attended, graduated and prayed at Munford High School. I fully understand this issue."

Mailbag: Jews Lie? Holocaust Deniers Lie
"All we need to know about you, Cline, is that you're a Jew and Jews lie."

Mailbag: Who Says Torture is Immoral?
To my statement "Torture is morally evil," I received the following response:"Says who? Who says what is evil or moral?"

Mailbag: What is Real Christianity? Part 2
I agree that Christianity, culturally is bad, but the religious beliefs, the Teachings of Jesus, do not support those horrible acts.

Mailbag: What is Real Christianity? Part 1
I have recently read some of your articles on various areas of Christianity, and, no offense, they're a bit off. One such thing is that Nazism is not supported by the teachings of Jesus, which are the foundation of Christianity. Neither is imperialism, anti-semitism...

Mailbag: Atheism & Religion, Part 2
Is it a general practice of About.Com to include sections critical of a given subject within that subject header?

Mailbag: Atheism & Religion, Part 1
If atheism is not a religion (as one section of your area asserts) - why is there such a large amount of space devoted to atheism in the Religions & Spirituality section of About.com? ... Allowing the atheism and agnosticism sections to remain in Religion & Spirituality appears to be the height of hypocrisy.

Mailbag: Hatred of Islam
I have been a fond reader of About.com for years. I have never responded to your various articles appearing in your newsletter. Let me tell you please, they have always been shorouded in contempt and hatred while dealing with Islam.

Mailbag: Christianity vs. Islam
Basic and simple: Christians are taught to go out into the world and spread the Gospel. If a home, a person, a community isn't interested, they are commanded to 'shake the dust off their sandals' and move on.

Mailbag: Homosexuality and the Law
I don't think gay people should get married because in the Bible it says that a man should leave his parents and cling to his wife, a woman, not to another man or another woman.

Mailbag: Christmas & Christianity
I read you piece with some interest. You use facts and arguments that make me think you are or were a Jehovah%u2019s Witness. Or, perhaps, you are using source material without actually researching its origin. In any case, your ideas are somewhat simplistic and your material seems to be of a secondary nature and lacking in seminal value.

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 4
Many critics of Intelligent Design supporters who ask that we "teach both sides" in science classes have analogized this to the Holocaust: should we also teach the "side" of Holocaust Denial in history classes? I never imagined that this analogy might be used in the opposite direction, but that must be the fault of my limited imagination.

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 3
Larry Darby, now infamous in atheist circles for having given David Irving a platform on which he could spread his views, received a mysterious email from someone complaining about me. Strangely, this person has apparent knowledge about the conversation I had with Juel and posted about the past two days. Could it be the same person?

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 2
"If you have read a lot on WW2 and can't see David Irving's valuable contributions you must be even more of a fraud than I thought."

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 1
"I just read your ad hominem (speling?) attack on David Irving and it leads me to believe that you care not the least bit for the truth but are politically motivated."

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 6
I only hope that one day you also will experience God for himself..... not according to your timetable, but his.

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 5
Ultimately people who deny the existence of God are taken down by the very hand of the one they deny. To deny God is to deny love, peace and truth, the very attributes people look for their entire lives.

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 4
I never believed in a god, but after experiencing God for the first time after a near death experience. I could never and can never deny the experience I had with God and the fulfilment since then.

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 3
People are being taught to supress their conscience's untill it no longer exists. People refuse to believe in God simply because if there is a God then they have to be accountable, and thereby convicting their life-styles. I find it hard to believe that atheist's would think that Godly priciples would be anything but good for our world today.

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 2
It is sad to see generation by generation declining morals and values. History shows that morals and values have indeed changed over the generations, it is so blatantly obvious that a blind man could see it. We live in a generation where we are taught tolerance is more important than personal values. In some countries having an opinion like this would send me to prison.

Mailbag: No Truth Here, Part 1
Q. Why do atheists spend their life-time fighting a God that doesn't exist? If I don't believe in something, I leave it there I don't spend my entire life-time fighting against it and arguing the point.

Mailbag: Move to Cuba!
If you want freedom "from" religion, why not move to Cuba?

Mailbag: Catholic Divorce
In your March 2nd article titled, "Schiavo's Catholic Parents Seek Divorce for Daughter" you said that it was against Catholic doctrine to divorce.

Mailbag: Atheists Writing About Religion
I've never seen anything more silly than a site expecting the reader to take seriously an article written about denominations and religion....WRITTEN BY A SECULAR HUMANIST AND ATHEIST! Amazing. You want to be percieved as a reliable source of information? Seems similar to an anti abortionist writing an encyclopedia treatice reproductive rights.

Apology From a Christian, Part 4
It amazes me how un-Christian those "Christians" in your hate mail really act. And what is most frustrating is that they don't realize it. The two most important tenets of Christianity are: 1) love your God, and 2) love your neighbor as yourself. Many of them do an excellent job in loving their God. In fact, they do too good a job of that. But they neglect to love their neighbors.

Apology From a Christian, Part 3
In their defense (as weak as it may be), most Christians are taught to "spread the Word," and I would imagine that's what most of them think they're doing. I don't mean to excuse their lack of respect and un-Christian-like behavior. They know neither what "spread the Word" means nor how to do it.

Mailbag: Apology From a Christian, Part 2
Atheism is the default perspective (well...agnostic atheism at least) when you look at it logically. It assumes nothing. The difference between your belief system and my belief system is a mere preference, neither one being better than the other. Where I prefer to overlook and dismiss the inconsistencies, the contradictions, believing what can't be proven...

Mailbag: Apology From a Christian, Part 1
Man, the first thing I want to do is apologize. I spent a good part of the day today reading your hate mail and your responses to them. They are perfect...and utterly hysterical (your responses, that is). But comedy aside, I am so sorry you have to deal with those extremists in the first place.

Mailbag: Christian Right, Part 5
I truly feel sorry for you because it is obvious that you are full of anger and malice toward anyone who would challenge you.

Mailbag: Christian Right, Part 4
Instead of addressing the issues I put forth to you, you simply ignored them and instead looked for any and every way to discredit my views. I imagine that is because you are simply unprepared, as I assumed from your writings, to address the issues because of lack of experience.

Mailbag: Christian Right, Part 3
I would like to address your commentary on the Southern Baptist Convention, because as you have probably guessed, I am also a Southern Baptist. It is clear that you are not Southern Baptist, for your writing on the organization is dripping with distain [sic] as you apparently DO NOT understand the role of women in the organization or the church.

Mailbag: Christian Right, Part 2
I am eager to see you, with all of your information and determination to do away with the “religious right,� get into some more research and learn who the real enemies of America are. I assure you sir, it is not the religious right. While you argue that this group is eager to eat up freedoms in America, I disagree.

Mailbag: Christian Right, Part 1
Throughout my reading, I came across the phrase "religious right," which I noticed you used several times. Out of curiosity, I wanted to read more about this group and your thoughts on them. Amazingly, however not surprisingly, I was interested to learn your thoughts on this "group." Imagine to my surprise that I am a member! All of these years, and I had no idea!

Some People... Part 6
This country was founded by Christians, not Muslims, Hindus or atheists. Lucky for you it allows you to have your own beliefs where a lot of countries do not. Our founding fathers wanted to make sure this country had a government free of declaring a particular religion. It never said it wanted a country free from religion.

Some People... Part 5
The removal of prayer from public school is actually unconstitutional. If we state [in the Constitution] the government cannot dictate which religion should be practiced and that "We the people..." have a right to believe and worship a religion, anywhere in this country, without government restriction or intervention, then the restriction of children to practice their religion in school violates their rights.

Some People... Part 4
Do you really want to risk that there is not a God?

Some People... Part 3
You do not use an open mind obviously when studying Christianity.

Some People... Part 2
I am a non-denominational Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and Lord. However, I am not religious. My definition, as is with all non-denominational Christians, is that religion adds to or takes away from the Bible.

Some People... Part 1
If one disbelieves in 'God or gods', then that is a philosophy. If you say that you disbelieve in something, then it is also true to say that you believe [that] something to not be true.

I have read some of your articles on the internet. I wanted you to know that I am praying that God will take you to whatever means necessary to convict you of your lost condition without Him. I am praying that you will repent of your sin of unbelief and trust Jesus Christ as your savior.

Scientology and Freethought
I know of no Scientologist who would find [the principles of freethought to be] at variance with their view of themselves and their religion of choice.

Defending Ann Coulter
I always like to read an individual's comments about another person's work, especially regarding the "reality" of the work, when their comments lack "reality".

God Bless
I will pray that GOD will open your eyes (heart) and may GOD bless you.

True Happiness is God
I am writing in response to your article on about.com. I ask that you think about how you got here.

Atheists' Sad Existence
I am so sorry that you have nothing to hope for. If you truly believe that life on this earth is all that we have, what a sad, sad state of existence that must be. I truly pray that some day you will come to have a personal relationship with God. Whether you believe it or not, you are still his child. He wishes that you would accept Him as your heavenly Father.

Scientology Defended
You know, Mr. Cline, you really walk a very shaky line representing Scientology with only detractor's viewpoints. Having used the philosophy in my own life for a number of years, I find your assertions about this group and it's purposes to be not only offensive, but out and out lies in many cases.

Why There Is A God
Do you know why there is a God, Because you can't create one breath or one heartbeat, You have to start with something, from dust I came and dust I will return, but the soul of man never dies. Oh they say we have created life such as clones or a test tube baby but that is a lie, like I said in the beginning you can't create one heartbeat or one breath.

Real Live Psychic!
Just wanted to contact you personally about possibly getting a colleague of mine listed on About.com in the missing persons area. Her name is Kelli Faulkner and she donates her time to investigate missing persons cases. She is a remote viewer and medium (not a psychic as she sternly tells me) and she is exceptionally good.

Politically Correct Atheism
I wonder why you never brought up "Judiasm and Violence"? or "Secularism and Violence"?... Hitler and the Nazis were certainly more like Pagans than Catholics or Protestants... and certainly Communism (an officially Atheist philosophy ) has killed far more than even facism ever did....

Got God?
God is real. God really does love you exactly the way you are now. You can know God for yourself. God is not going to send you to hell. If you do not believe that he is real he still loves you. The benefit of knowing God before you die is that he brings some confidence about things into your life that you would not have otherwise a

Belief in God
Scientists say that our minds have a natural desire to believe in God. Its based on the need of primordial man to control his environment. If thats true, do you ever get an unnatural feeling from rejecting God?

Atheism vs. Agnosticism
...atheism is not a belief in another God, but it is still a BELIEF. This is crucial. 'I believe there is nothing.' Of course, prove such a statement you cannot (nor will it, I contend, ever by possible). It is thursting oneself every bit as much as saying: "I believe that there is an anthropomorphic God." You do not KNOW, rationally and empirically, but you still choose to make such a statement.

The British Are Coming! Part 3
I was searching for information relating to Sunni and Shiite Islam but I was sidelined by the informative bites of information on other faiths particularly my own, Mormonism, and on others such as The Southern Baptists and Roman Catholicism. You are to be congratulated on your facetious trivializing of these faith systems

The British Are Coming! Part 2
The trap most intellectuals fall into, and Atheism is an intellectual approach, is a conceited pride and superiority over those who are perhaps bound by faith and tradition.

The British Are Coming! Part 1
I have browsed your WebPages with interest and enjoyed the Humour and the invective. However, I am a committed Christian converted from Atheism and sadly you have not convinced me that reverting back to the nothingness of Atheism is going to offer me something better than I have already got.

Jesus vs. Atheists
The coming of Jesus was foretold more than 40 times in the old testament, and Jesus was an actual historical figure, yep, a REAL person.

Religion, Politics, and the Bible
[R]eligious beliefs do not have anything to do with politics, so the right for women to vote is political, not religious. Since a Christian man, one who believes in the scriptures, must think of his wife as an equal, there would be no problem in submitting to his decisions, since they would be Godly.

Women and their Godly Christian Husbands
Patronizing to women? The bible says wives should submit to their husbands as the body of Christ submits to Jeus. it ALSO says husbands should LOVE their wives as Jesus loves us, that means unconditionally and eternally.

Protestants vs. Gays and Catholics
As far as the homosexuality issue.....Jesus said, Hate the sin, Love the sinner. I do not believe in a gay lifestyle, but i do have many gay friends that i adore. It is only common sense to realize that male and female go together, in the animal world, and in human society.

Using God for an Agenda
I have just read one of your articles. and may i just say, how truly misguided you are. First of all, God and religion have very little to do with each other. Yes, murders and other violent acts have been committed in "the name of Jesus Christ" Boy, do i feel sorry for those people...

Consider Jesus...
The agnostic knows there is a God - he must face the possibility that this God who created the order, the laws of nature, the structure, the DNA code, symbiosis relationships between other organisms - must be a God of intelligence, morality, purpose, and principle.

I'll Pray for You, Part 2
Just say your wrong ....and the Bible is proven true and you should die in your sins...what then...it would be to late to ask for mercy. I know that in your state of beleif you think im some crazy christian fanatic who just wants to preach to others but thats not true.

I'll Pray for You, Part 1
I want you to know that im going to put you on my prayer list. I know He that is in me is stronger than he that is in the world. And even you still have a chance to get to know jesus as your Lord and be forgiven for your sins before its to late.

No Place for Atheists, Part 2
Perhaps do you know, the US has this foundation on the faith in God from the firstly immgrants. America was not grounded from the Atheists or from the Liberals from Europe. The firstly immgrants with the Bible in the arms put down this rock in this new country: IN GOD WE TRUST !

No Place for Atheists, Part 1
I saw your "Curriculum vitae" and I read this "curriculum vitae". You are an atheist and you are an activist for "atheism in USA". Perhaps do you know ??? Your ideology is in contradiction with the foundation of the US: IN GOD WE TRUST !- the souvereignty of this country.

Rastafariansm, Part 2
[T]his placement of a theistic religion on an atheistic site gives people the idea or reinforces the idea that rastafarianism is somehow atheistic "without god" when it is full of god. There are enough people, "born-again christian groups", and other extremist resligions that use this to reinforce their arrogant views on religion, rastafari, and especially god.

Rastafariansm, Part 1
It is appaling to see that somehow Rastafarianism, a Judeo-Christian Theistic religion that focuses very deeply upon the God of the Old Testament, recognizes Jesus in the New Testament and beyond, and teaches none but Love, could end up in a section for atheists, pagans, and non-believers alike.

God is Coming... Part 2
"Nuvos Ordo Seclorum" thats New World Order, and we have a world court and the United Nations.Now all thats left is a world government.. The one G-d of the Bible is real and HE is comming back..I do not believe in coensidences.

God is Coming... Part 1
I guess you know the Gospel, I was just wondering why do you fight G-d if you don't think HE is real? Is your fighting in vain? I know for sure that Santa is not real, I do not fight with others who do, and they probly are only children. Im just fasinated why there is conficlting with G-d if you do not believe in HIM..

God and the Universe, Part 2
I do believe in God, but am embarrassed by a lot of religious "thinking". If pressed, I would say that I do believe in God, but couldn't prove it. It's a gut feeling.

God and the Universe, Part 1
I am not a physicist or a mathematician. But in general if something like E=mc2 is true, then doesn't that mean something always was?

Righteousness, Faith, and Gullibility
Without regard to whether or not it makes some god happy one way or the other, which, as a matter of common sense, has the most potential to keep someone out of trouble -- unquestioning faith in some inherently doubtful claim, or being highly skeptical of such a claim?

Why Be an Atheist? Part 3
Maybe, you are right and there is no God. If that is true I rather be deluded and wrong. I just can't picture there not be something like a God. I'am using God in the biggest sense of the word. I must believe in the Infinite and Absolute. I have to believe in a Ultimate Reality which I call God or whatever name you want to call it.

Why Be an Atheist? Part 2
It would seem that we suffer for nothing. It's all vain and it doesn't matter if I live or die? I'am a cosmic accident! Why should I care about anything or anybody for that matter?

Why Be an Atheist? Part 1
I was just wondering what are the positive rewards for being an Atheist? I'am not putting your beliefs down, I'am just curious because every Atheist that I met seemed to have a limited and negative outlook on life.

Bloomers in a Twist
I am appalled by your criticisms of the Godless Americans March on Washington! ... Your criticisms were pretty feeble but you were obviously determined to find something bad to say about it.

Truth About Mormonism
I am writing in regards to the Mormonism section located within the atheism part of your web site. First I would like to say that I respect your ability and right to put whatever you want on your web site and I am not asking you to remove anything. My concern is that the information from sites you have linked is fundamentally wrong, and not a part of the Mormon docterine.

Atheism is Fiction?
You need to learn the difference between fact and fiction. The difference; What I have is fact, and what you have is fiction! Get the facts before you print your fiction!!

Atheism & Hypocrisy, Part 2
Regardless of their infantile notion of Christianity or theism, they fail to realize that the jokes in their signitures... could be regarded as prejudice, whether indirect or direct. Also, many of the agnostic/atheists seemingly like to represent their feelings in their context; e.g. comparing God to something fantastical or miraculous, like santa claus.

Pascal's Wager, Part 1
Just imagine that You are right and there is no God, Satan, Heaven or Hell. That there is no right or wrong and that we were just a mistake in the cosmic scheme of things. Well then, our lives are all for nothing. We can go ahead and do anything that we darn well please and no one should be able to tell us what the heck is

Atheism Cannot Exist, Part 2
I ... discovered that if I simply replaced the word god with the word unknown, many mysteries will begin to unravel. Indeed, one cannot deny the existence of the Unknown! The Unknown is omni-present. It is often feared, yet it is also an unlimited source of inspiration.

Atheism Cannot Exist, Part 1
I stand here today and still proclaim with the utmost conviction that atheism cannot exist for one very simple and fundamental reason: it is not possible to deny the existence of god.

Testing Christians
If you are truly interested in the truth, as you appear to be by searching for textual references in the bible to support your claims, then you should also present the following passage in your article to explain why most who "claim" (as you put it) to be christians won't humor you by performing your tests. Deutoronmy 6:16 "Do not test the Lord you God."

Nothing To Look Forward To, Part 2
First off, there has not been any proof, scientific, physical, or whatever, that disproves the Bible. And whenever we disprove your error theories, all I see is ridicule. Well ya know what? I think I have seen every single so-called error that you can think of, that has been posted on here

Nothing To Look Forward To, Part 1
Without God in your life, you have nothing to look forward to. It just really saddens me to see people so blind. To me it is so obvious. It also saddens me to see people who say they are Christians acting the way they do and posting the stuff they do. I mean I really have to laugh at some of that stuff too.

God Chooses Us, Part 3
God chooses you and you have the opportunity to accept or reject Him... reject and death is going to hell time... accept and heaven is waiting... so you are morally responsible to accept or reject and He will not allow you to wiggle out... remember, death was never God's idea.... the devil.

God Chooses Us, Part 2
This life is only a prelude for Heaven for believers and something a little hotter for the non-believers. I know you don't believe in heaven or hell... but I bet you believe in theories with no proof like evolution... or the Big Bang theory... again with no solid proof. Of course I may be wrong.....

God Chooses Us, Part 1
In your opening in the atheism guide you speak about an athiest not choosing God... you or other Christians have it totally wrong... God chooses us. It is clear in the Holy Bible that He chooses us and knows ahead of time our personal choice from the beginning. Yes we choose in the end and we have a free will,

Humble Christians
I do get a kick out of those non believers in God perspectives.. As if these finite peanut brains even have the slightest clue. I look at this impossible fantastic exsistance of the human mind and then listen to the atheists spout about how there is no God. Its all to entertaining.

Monkeys and Evolution
I am a devout evolutionist. I have a friend who isn't sure which way to go one way or another. I have provided him with both information for and against evolution. However, I certain question has pervaded me. He asked if all of this changing took place, how come we still have Chimpanzees and Apes, of whom we supposedly evolved from?

Pro-Homo Lefty
You don't get it, do you? The Nazi death camps have just been instated in my home state of New Jersey. Our liberal, left-leaning, pro homo, anti cigarette, anti gun legislators just voted through a law that will allow women to grow, as an industry, cloned and frozen embryos in their wombs for the harvesting of the baby's body parts upon their removal from the womb.

Worshipping God
What sort of god would you ever consider worshipping?

Pascal's Wager, Part 2
After living a life obeying his teaching ( Not to the letter as one who is under the law but one who is saved by grace.) speaking the truth in love, being all that I can be because I know that I have a hope of Glory someday. I die and go to be with my Father in heaven

Denying God, Part 3
It is helpful to clarify that there are only four possible explanations for how the universe came to be. The first is that the universe is an illusion. This ultimately reduces to solipsism: the theory that 'self' is the only reality, that 'I alone exist.' This view is unacceptable in an age of scientific enlightenment.

Denying God, Part 2
'Is there really a God?' Though there are a variety of possible responses to this question, there are three traditional responses that predominate in Western society: (1) God does not exist: atheism; (2) we cannot know whether God exists: agnosticism; and (3) a personal God does exist: theism.

Denying God, Part 1
Beyond a doubt, the most significant question to ever penetrate the human mind is that of the existence of God. More consequences for humanity hinge on the denial or affirmation of God's existence than any other issue.

Why Are You An Atheist?
I am wondering: why do you believe what you believe? Who or what or what event caused you to embrace atheism and secular humanism? I've had many wonderful people and circumstances in my life to cause me to embrace God (the God of the Holy Bible).

Childish Atheism
It takes maturity and experimentation to move past the childish and immature arguments of atheism. Atheist are the "living dead" for the most part. You can stay if you like, it's ok.

Questions of Language
You idiot. It isn't gender selection at all. It's sex selection. In our overbearingly politically correct society sex is a dirty word so everyone uses the word gender instead, but gender is already a word, with its own definition. The two words are absolutely not interchangable.

Disputing Evolution
Evolution defies the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics being the law of increasing entropy. Now, if all systems can only disorganize and DECREASE in complexity, how is evolution any exception?

Atheism & Hypocrisy, Part 1
I was amazed by the enormous amount of hypocrisy I ran into when I read most of the argumentation and discussion of this website. There is many disappointed atheists who seemingly claim that there is an unacceptable amount of bigotry from theists, especially the conservative right. I find the assumption inaccurate and preposterous.

Micro- and Macro-Evolution
...you totally left out the problems with the evolution theory, the fact about the usage of false drawings to present the similarity between human fetus and animal fetus, and other problems that you did not mention. your article was rather poor and it was aimed at attacking Protestant belief, rather than what the facts are.

Atheism and Different Religions
I was wondering why all the discussions about atheism are directed towards arguing the validity of Christianity? I honestly thought atheism was "disbelief of the existence of diety". As I read the forum, all I see are attacks against Christianity. ... My question to everyone is why is most of the reasoning in supporting atheism related to Christianity?

God Created Us
I see ur a ahiest and do not know God our Lord. Well I hope u can find him soon for the days are numbered because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return. I hope u will understand that I will tell people to belive instead of thinking there is no God. How did we get here? I do not think we are monkeys. I belive that God created us.

Moral Law
If God isn't responible for "moral law", how do athiest account for it? If there is no such thing as moral law, as some claim, it is inconsistent to believe we are all an accident and still care about what happens to others accidentally!

Creationism & Science
I came across this article on your we site and want to point out that it is crying out for corrections. I will use the articles own criteria to show that Creationism is in fact a science

Real Atheists
I have some good friends who are Atheists and are scientists. They claim a true Atheists would never spend a second wasting his time talking about Christianity... In fact, he told me a true Atheist would not consider this productive, just a waste of valuable time. Him I respect , your site suggests significant doubt about your beliefs.

Shattered Visage
Have you ever read the book 'A Shattered Visage'? It has challenged atheism to the core such that many are flocking out left and right; namely many of my peers in public universities and top professors around the country. Those who have honestly researched whether the Bible is truly a reliable book and if its message is true.

Founders of Atheism
Isn't it funny that no matter how much you look through history you will find many of the leaders of atheism (Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, etc.) but you can never find the founder of atheism. Why do you suppose that is?

Meaning and Purpose in Life, Part 2
Look at it this way: if all you're living for is what is here and now, how can you ever be truly, deep down satisfied in the continual quest for more and more things, experiences, pleasures, etc., as they all vanish?

Meaning and Purpose in Life, Part 1
Just wondering: if you don't believe in God, what do you believe in? Lights out? Reincarnation? Just curious.

Why Go On Living?
I want to know what makes you (aetheists/agnostics) believe what you do. I guess the main problem I have with understanding true aetheism is that if there is no God, and there is no life after death, why go on living? In the end, we cease to exist anyway, so why not just end your life?

Jesus & Ethics
Hello, this is a response to the Christian ethics and Jesus article..... I honestly feel badly for whomever wrote this article because he/she does not have the true knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Hi my name is Paul and I am a Christian. I am also trying to win converts to Christ on this web site. It would seem to me that a lot of Atheists are Atheists because they have had some kind of negative experience with religious people. This has caused them to dislike God and therefore choose to believe he doesn't exist.

God, Race, and Country
Hello, My name is Nicole and I am 19, my family is part of a Christian identity community. what you fail to realize is that We do NOT hate.. this isn't ABOUT hate its about LOVE of ones GOD, Race, COUNTRY AND SELF.. we do NOT want to "OVERTHROW" the government.. that's a crock.... we simply want the FREEDOM to practice OUR RELIGION!!!!!!!

Agnostics Are Wrong
Agnostics are just as wrong as theist (ok mabye not quite). There is no proof of God, so why not take the position of not believing in him?

Jesus in Your Life
I am trying to come up withsomething to say at church for back to school and came upon your site all i can say is i hope jesus will do something in your life.

Religion & Atheism
I've got a friend who is really into Atheism. He goes to conventions, reads all sorts of books, and spends a lot of time looking at Atheist websites. Now when I try to ask him this question he gets all bent out of shape so I'd like other people's thoughts. Couldn't you say that Atheism is the non religion religion?

Worldview of Atheism, Part 3
One quick question... hypothetically, If Christs resurrection were to be 99.9% historically probable, and all the other doctrines of Christianity were to be (I cant say scientifically proven) but proven, inthe same way legal and historical cases are proven, would u then accept it?

Worldview of Atheism, Part 2
Atheism may not be a religion by your definition, but it is a worldview. It is unavoidable to not believe in a worldview. And along with worldviews come beliefs - although not all atheists hold to a set systematic belief system. And Sir, belief does effect behavior.

Worldview of Atheism, Part 1
I have read your site separating Atheism from religion. From your definitions and what you have stated... no, Atheism is not a religion, but it is still a worldview. I'm sure that you know a world view answers around 3 of life's most penetrating questions: Where did we come from? What went wrong with the world?

Sad Excuse for Weak-Minded People
Atheism is a sad excuse for weak minded people who believe the only answer to religion is no religion they wont believe something until they see it, like most people, perhaps if they had religion they would see the differance in their lives. Though they are to **** stupid to realize that.

Are You Safe?
i happen to be a christian. i believe that jesus is the son of God blah blah blah. you've heard the whole deal before. anyway, just a question, i'm, assuming that both of us are fallable, what happens to me when i die if what i believe is not true? what happens to you if what you believe is not true?

Atheism & Rationality
Are atheists rational and theists irrational? Are atheists open-minded and theists closed-minded, or are there closed-minded atheists and open-minded theists?

Freedom From Religion?
I guess I have the most trouble with your position because it seems, in the practical applications of your views, more often than not, your belief that people should be free from religion infringes on the rights of those who want to freely express their religion. It’s not an equitable world, and it seems that greater preference is given to the most vocal minority than the established majority.

Freethinking, But Not About Jesus
You nearly got a group of Christian peasants with torches at your virtual door, but in the end it was decided by all that the article was so misguided, poorly researched and outright dishonest that a response wasn't even justified. It amazes me how you can swing from writing intelligent, balanced articles to snarling hissy-fits that are as bigoted and unlearned as your standard KKK diatribe.

Religion Belongs in Government
George Washington said don't let people fool you into thinking they're true Americans by using "patriotism" to hide behind when saying church should not mix with state. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they included religion in government. Problem is, since we've stripped it of religion, we get what we have today. And it will only get worse.

Common Atheist Beliefs
Common Beliefs of Agnostic/Atheist: All Christians who believe the Bible are ignorant. The Bible is myth and superstition. All true scientists are agnostic/atheists. The [whole] Theory of Organic Evolution is no longer a theory, but proven fact. Scientific evidence of "creation" [Big Bang] is not really scientific evidence of Creation.

Ex-Christians Don't Exist
I come across folks who claim to be ex-Christians. There is no such thing. Once a Christian, always a Christian. Yes, a Christian can become a prodigal and even think that he or she is now an atheist. Nevertheless, they will return eventually.

Call Out to God!
Most of the "atheists" that I have met are spurned former members of a church or denomination that don't believe that they can trust an organized religion anymore. They feel there are too many hypocrites and that means there must not be any God. There are real Christians and people that really love God, so ask him, "God, if you're really out there, show yourself to me" and he will!!

Strong Beliefs
I have read some of the things you have posted on your site. Why have such a strong belief that something is not true or is non existent?

Atheism & Religion
Then I question as to whether or not you really understand the term religion. Religion simply means that you practice something.

Hatred & Atheism
Why do atheists loathe "believers" so? Is it so much fun to mock what we hold dear? I think it's perfectly OK if you like being a atheist, etc. Think about it though...when we all die, if I'm right, then it WILL matter if your an atheist, but if you're right, who'll care if I was a Christian (or Jew, or Sikh)?

Pushing Beliefs Onto Others
The most important part of atheism, for me atleast, is not pushing your beliefs (or nonbeliefs) onto others. I see a lot of athe...well..non-christians doing this.

Is It Worth the Risk?
Why is it worth the risk to an Atheist? Outside of the fact that they don't believe there is any risk of eternal torment. Granted, it got my attention to hear that there was a Hell that I was at risk of going to if I didn't follow the right path.

Atheists Converting to Islam
i would just like to say that after reading your site about critising Islam, i have now become and ever stronger muslim and am convinced that Islam and the Holy Quran are the total word of God-your arguments are feeble and unconvincing and rather amusing at times

Smile, God Hates You!
To say there is no God is to say you know everything. To say you know everything is to say you are omniscient. Don't you eggheads think that in just a bit presumptuous?

Albert Einstein
I've seen some foolish sites, but this is tops! I was looking up information about Albert Einstein, and I stumbled upon your page. For some absolutely crazy reason, you claim he was an athiest, when in fact he was Jewish. That is the reason he came to the United States from Germany in the 1930's. I couldn't care less about your athiest propaganda, but I do hate it when people lie.

Morality and God, Part 4
[The] provision of a conscience is pretty clear evidence for the existence of a God and an objective morality whose source is God. This conscience accuses us and defends us in regards to right and wrong. Why is there confusion then over what is right and wrong? There isn't confusion, but denial.

Order in the World
Any atheist is a fool to not be able to comprehend the obvios fact that there is order to the macocosum and order to the microcosium. This order is beyond our limited senses, but, very much apparent. What it means is beyond science. Hope-fully at least we can understand beyond the properties of gravity to controlling the dynamics there-of.

Never Forget
Never forget this. God cares for you and desporatly wants you to be set free. but... you love your sin too much. You must make a choice and make it now. I don't have to argue with you because deep down in your spirits you know what I am talking about. For thoes of you who think I might be joking. I'm not.

Morality and God, Part 3
Unless we are accountable to an outside source of morality there is no ultimate reason that one can postulate for being moral. We all seem to agree that some ideas of morality are better than others so there must be a standard that we are comparing these ideas of morality to.

Morality and God, Part 2
People who claim to not believe in a God have no basis for being moral or even a basis for saying something is moral or not moral. There is no valid explanation for morality unless there is an objective morality that exists outside of human opinion, otherwise the discussion of what is moral and not moral ends up being just one human opinion versus another.

Morality and God, Part 1
The issue of morality, in the case of the existence of God, is not whether or not we do good or evil things because there is a God, but the issue is how can we believe in a morality without there being a God. What is the reason or basis for us being good to one another?

Atheists in Denial
I believe that you are in self-denial. I believe that you deny intellectually to avoid confronting yourself with the guilt of disobedience. I believe that you are defiant in your quest to be self-reliant and unanswerable to anyone for anything. But mostly, I believe that you are angry, perhaps even bitter, because of a series of tramatic events and you are blaming God.

Evolution and God, Part 5
you know, the girl in my course thinks i dont think freely. she thinks i have been "well conditioned" and i laugh at that. the truth is that i , as a christian, am no more conditioned than she. we both were taught evolution as fact in school (and university). we both listened to the lady in the white coat up the front of the classroom saying "we evolved from apes".

Evolution and God, Part 4
okay, sure maybe we can look at some amateur websites or discussion forums where amateurs congregate to say that there is proof of evolution. maybe they will use some bones as examples.. but in reality, there is not enough evidence. we see a skull at the museum and the card next to it says "here is our ancestor" but where is the rest of his body?

Evolution and God, Part 3
i see one of your articles menioned the "onus of proof", that is, who should be proving their ideas? i say that if creation came first, and evolution came second (which is logic really, since charles darwin himself believed that his ideas may have been the demise of organised religion, hence creation was there first) then surely it is up to the evolutionist to prove his new idea.

Evolution and God, Part 2
assuming youre an atheist, your faith in no god is based purely on the theory of evolution. since charles darwin publicised the theory of humble beginnings (a bang and ameoba and millions of years of gradual change) it has given people reason to believe that we came from something apart from a god, should i say "natural" beginnings.

Evolution and God, Part 1
i have an idea. i have just read heaps of your articles that appear to be attacks on theism (hey, everybody is biased right? dont dispute that) ... for example, your article "does god exist?". yes, it is addressed to atheists i know, yet i believe (i.e. it is my humble opinion) that you have theists in your sights. and yes, you have good reason to do this, since as i said, everybody is biased.

The Difficulty of Belief
Why it's so difficult to believe in a Holy Trinity? That the Bible is the inspired word of GOD? The redeeming Blood of JESUS? that's all I'll ask for now. You see Austin, I personally have a very difficult time understanding how a person could not, and would not have or want a close, personal relationship with JESUS.

Islam is the True Path, Part 3
It may help you to understand the true path of Islam if you think about the concept of self. How did you get here, do you have a purpose and why are you YOU (with your own feelings and thoughts, at this time, and even looking the way you do). It is all the will of Allah (swt). It is better to understand this now than to realise after death when it is too late.

Islam is the True Path, Part 2
We are only on this planet for a relatively short period of time, belief in the non existence of anything after we die is tragic and will be regretted when it is too late as Allah (swt) will prescribe certain punishments as he wills for this non belief. Allah (swt) is all knowing.

Islam is the True Path, Part 1
I feel that it is my duty to urge you to investigate islam as this is the true path. We did not just appear on this planet by accident and science is a clumsy way of explaining our existence. There is a higher power and that is Allah (swt) and we are all accountable to him for our actions and beliefs.

Freedom of Religion, Part 2
I wonder why nobody has accused the government, including the courts of establishing a State Religion of Atheism or Agnosticism.

Freedom of Religion, Part 1
I was thinking about Judge Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments case. Not only are they denying him his Constitutional rights as a citizen of the USA, but they are in effect violating the US Constitution by establishing a State Religion: Atheism or Agnosticism.

C.S. Lewis, Part 2
C.S. Lewis asks the atheist to explain himself on rational grounds. He argues thus: (1) Why, he wonders, does man have a sense of Right and Wrong, even though he does not properly follow it? (2) Why does anything exist to begin with? (3) Is not atheism too simplistic to be true?

C.S. Lewis, Part 1
[T]here is a trend among young persons not to "believe" in God, I feel. Atheism becomes a compound of arrogance and fear, as though belief in something higher than one's self is compromised by a fear in the inability to comprehend. A weirdness. People want to be God, and want what they want for them, not "what God wants" of them.

Defining Atheism
The belief that there is no God is true atheism. ... Do you deny that there is a God no matter how God is defined? If you acknowledge that there is a God of some kind then you are not truly an atheist.

Atheism and Morality, Part 4
Maybe I appear stupid to you because I don't have scientific proof that there is a God in the universe, but like Sonya in «Crime and Punishment», I can only respond that I believe. I believe that God gave me a conscience to determine what is right and wrong. God gave you a conscience too, and you have, in my opinion, found ways to rationalize God out of your life.

Atheism and Morality, Part 3
If there were no God, I cannot see why a person would have a conscience. Wouldn't mankind be just like the other animals in every way?

Atheism and Morality, Part 2
By your beleif, you are just made of atoms and nothing more. Why would you care about others?

Atheism and Morality, Part 1
If you are an atheist, why would you bother to administer a website about Atheism? What is the point? If there is no God that controls the Universe, then why bother?

Evolution vs. Creationism
Your review of the book "Life, How did It Get Here ... Through Evolution or Creation," was geared toward only one aspect and it appeared as though you had not gone beyond one chapter of the book.

There is something that is quite troubling to me though. I don't want to put words in your mouth but I get the feeling that you sincerely believe that the homosexual lifestyle is completely natural and that there is nothing in the Bible that would point to the contrary.

Why do you care if Christians convert Mormons?

Understanding Reality
The news media of today cannot be relied on to print the truth. How can the masses believe something written hundreds of years ago believe it to be true? Faith and truth are not the same.

Right and Wrong
As an atheist can you decide what is right and wrong? And by what justification? Christians, will say "do you think rape/child porn/murder/insert most heinous thing you can do here, is wrong?" And you can say "yes", but how do you back that up? As an atheist, without some big head in the sky telling you what is right and wrong, how do you decided what is right and wrong.

Blood of the Prophet
Why do you attack Islam? Because you know judgment is coming, and you cannot avoid it. Thus you stay in denial. One day, it will be too late.

Supporting Atheism
If you don't believe that there is a god or afterlife, then why does it matter what others believe?

Skepticism and Doubts are a Threat
You think there is no God. There is no eternal being, and the vast majority of humanity has been deceived about the first question for centuries, right? Are you absolutely sure, with NO chance of error, that you are big enough to make that statement? I mean, use your head friend. If an uncreated, vast yet small, eternal being DID exist...

Evolution vs. Creationism
As the phenomena of evolution to complex organisms has never been witnessed and is intrinsially unreproducible, it is clearly not a science and not given to scientific experimentation. It is therefore a religion.

Feel the Love!
Have you ever let yourself be confirmed by the spirit that he lives? Sometimes it's just easier for people not to believe in a God, then they think they're the only one they have to answer their consequences to. I have a friend who was an athiest because of that reason (for the most part), he didn't want to feel bad for doing bad things, but now he believes in Christ...

Knowing All the Answers
If you don't know all the answers to all the questions then you should doubt that you really are an "atheist". Why would it matter if your family takes you seriously or not? Is it only because you want something to be different without having a valid reason for it being so?

Death, Part 3
Wow it looks like you have a lot of animosity towards the idea of a creator.

Death, Part 2
I have to disagree with a couple of things, saying the acceptance of God won't change anything or do anything is actually false.

I guess I want to know if secular humanism and atheism are correct, then what happens when we di

What Atheists Believe
You're not trying to tell me that there are atheists out there who actually think that anything paranormal exists, are you? My friend, if you are, then you are misinformed.

Why Bother?
hello i respect your views and your beiliefs , but what i dont understand is if there is not a GOD why even bother with the subject. if he does not exsist then oh well. what could lead someone to telling thousands of people that there is no GOD. and why.

Feelings vs. Science
Feelings tell you more than science. It's not proven either that there was no Christ. I think that feelings are more factual than science. When you have those feelings, you know. When you believe science, you're believing what someone else thinks. Sometimes there just aren't reasons for somethings!

Atheists mean God Exists?
Jesus loves you! He wants to take away your bitterness and bring healing to your mind, will, and emotions. You may believe more in yourself and people than in God, but God is real even if you don't believe in Him. That is absolute truth. To say there is no absolute truth would nullify the statement that there is no absolute truth.

God is Love
God is defined as Love. Therefore, when you say God does not exist, you are treading on the same grounds as one who would say love does not exist.

Satanic Cults
I was saddened to read your skeptical and unresearched opinions on the validity of satanic cults. In fact, there IS documented evidence that comes in that validates their existence; I would be more than willing to give you references in the law enforcement field. Also, I have my own history as a former cult programmer. Not only are satanic cults real, I used to be a perpetrator in one...

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ was sent to this Earth to die on the cross for our sins that we may know the Lord and live with Him for eternity. He is the Creator of the Universe, the great Architect of this wonderful universe. That same God is the one that loves and cherishes you and desires to have an intimate relationship with you. He brings peace and rest in this crazy and mixed up world.

The Truth of Jesus Christ
Why do you choose to disbelieve in the truth of Jesus Christ? Many have chosen to take this route, but I ask you "why."

The Clock is Ticking
Your site is the most ignorant site on the internet and i shall push for its closure. Your information is not based on any evidence whatsoever. And surely you think too highly of yourself. I would like to see you face to face but you are too cowardly to confront people with your views that is why you sit cowarying behind your computer screen.

Fear God
well all i can say is....man do you have a lot of false information on your websight..i must say that it disturbed me very much to know taht people who claim atheism are so stuck on thier own idea that when others are searching for the truth..they end up coming in contact with FALSE INFORMATION...

you'll burn for your efforts

Be Bold
I think it is depressing to live life as a skeptic. I would much rather be bold, confident and positive about the truth I believe and the life I live. I hope that one day you get to experience this feeling.

You Don't Know Love
The only reason there is Christmas is becauwe of Christ. Us giving gifts to others represents the wisemen giving their gifts to Christ. ... If you're an athiest and don't believe in Christ then you don't know Love, or Joy or happiness or sorrow. You would be a robot. Are you a robot? No

Religions and Ethics
Why all this resentment of religions? God cannot be tested like g or c. Believing in Him is personal. Religions have been responsible for giving us a code of ethics to follow which is the basis of common law. Whether you are christian hindu or any other creed you can't kill, rape, lie, steal,etc. Otherwise the next-door bully will clobber you

Cowardly Site
I'm very glad, Mr. Kline, that you were to cowardly to put anything negative about the jewish religion on your blasted website; you cocky son of a ****. You have done an excellent job of demeaning many other religions and were quite intellingent to realize that writing anything about judaism would **** YOU IN THE ****.

Love and Attention
dear atheist guy, funny thing about atheism, you must believe you have something to atheiate. huh.... interesting.

American Atheism
I am a born-again Christian. I am upset to see yet another person misrepresenting Christianity. However, you seem to be an equal-opportunity trasher of all religions, and given the atheism that is uniquely American (anti-Christian only) I suppose your site is somewhat of a relief of sorts.

I ran across your comments relative to my article, **** and I can assure you that I am quite familiar with both evolution and science. Since your article differentiates between evolution and science, I assume you agree with me that evolution is certainly not a science, and can only be called quackery.

Nonsense of Evolution
First of all, I assume that you believe in evolution, considering that a lot of documents on your page deal with the topic of how stupid theists are.

Atheists are Fools
The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God" I wouldn't fool with God, He is, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that JUDGEMENT, Where will you spend eternity, Heaven or Hell?

Burden of Proof
You think that it is up to theists to convince you that their God exists. Suppose that my God does exist. Would it matter if I made a credible case or not? My God would exist independently of anything I would have to say about it.

Day of Judgment
If you don't believe there is a God who is the creator of all that is in the heavens and on the earth, who is all powerful and all knowing and all wise and who will call each of us to account on the Day of Judgment for our actions - both good and evil. Why do you spend so much time and effort trying to convince others that He does not exist.

Atheism and Homosexuality
WHAT ON EARTH IS ALL THIS GAY_GAY_GAY STUFF.?????..Just because we refuse to be the victims of the hucksters of religious fantasy doesn't mean we think homosexuality is right or natural...please separate the sex from the religion!

Promoting Atheism & Emptiness
From a Christian prospective, I am curious to know what motivates you to spread the word of atheism. I simply cannot digest the concept as being a positive crusade. I state this fully realizing that atheists claim to "make no positive assertions about anything" (as quoted in the atheism FAQ).

Gays and Abortion on the Site
Is this newsletter about atheism or for you to use as a private soap box to tout your stands on abortion and gays? This newsletter should be more philosphical and less political if it truly is about atheism. You assume that if a person doesn't subscribe to the belief in a diety that they hold the same views as you do on certain issues. This makes you as dogmatic as those you criticize.

In God We Trust
You stated in your article that you disapprove of Ohio's state motto. What about What you find on our American currency? "In God We Trust." Do you find this "unacceptable" as well, and if so, do you still use this money which has the Creator's name on it?

Making Choices
i think i have an idea of how you might feel about the subject of God. (please forgive if i am wrong). for more years that i care to remember, i didnt believe God wanted anything to do with me. I had commited so much sin and was so ashamed that i figured i had no hope.

Purpose of Life
I visited your atheism-home page. I would like to ask that do you think that believing in God is bad? Life is pretty damn hard to go through if you don't have any religion. And what then is the purpose of life? To get as much material benefits such as money, children, good house, jewelry..? I don't think so.

Disrespect Towards the Pope
Who ever you are i would like to comment on your comments on the views of the pope. if you be such the person who let such disrespectful words come from your mouth then your are an animal. you are also very skillful in twisting words around, congrats.

Embrace Faith
I believe with whomever wrote the letter you published in your "Is Atheism a Religion" article. I am also saddened to know the joy you are missing in your life by not embracing faith and Christianity; it seems to have left you very defensive and cynical! I'll be praying for you....someday you'll thank me for it, I hope :-)

Twisted Half-Truths
I am very aware of the fact that you receive several e-mails a day concerning your regrettable lack of comprehension of the Bible. I believe you are turning Truth into twisted half-truths, that expose only enough Truth to make them credible to those that have not read the Word of God.

Why Choose Atheism?
You only want to deny that there is a God. Theism, on the other hand, does exist, and it isn't based on a particular interpretation of data. It just is. We all know that there is a God. Whether or not we take much heed to God and what He has to say is something different altogether.

Meaning of Life
Life is meaningless wy should i or any one else try to make scence of jesus or any other god. ultimatly being a athiest leads you to this view if your about seeing truth, of corse one can find meaning in life, or can he If there is no good then there is no evil, so there's no wright or wrong ultimatly we must except this if there is no god.

What Atheists Believe
I have tried to read as much as I can about your beliefs, but I still have a few questions. Most of what I read was evidence refuting religion in general, and the existence of a God. I might just be missing something, but I haven’t been able to find out what atheists do believe.

You Will Bow
I also will pray for you in hope that you will come to that point willingly, accepting the gift of salvation offered to you by God. Should you choose not to accept that gift, you will miss a fulfilling life here and the eternal reward that none of us could enjoy apart from God's grace. Like you, I also spent too much of my life rejecting God.

Wake Up!
While I still consider you an intelligent man, you have proven yourself to be terribly closed-minded and judgmental, ignoring what is presented to you and attempting to sidetrack real issues... For your having lived as an enemy of God, he will forgive you if you will obey him, repenting, being baptized, and living by faith rather than by sight. Please do so.

Evolution? Don't make me laugh, you need more faith to believe in that than God.

Are You Qualified?
From what it looks like, Austin Cline is the only person making this site. Of the universities you have been to, it makes you sound quite impressive. However, all your studying and research has nothing to do with theology.

Atheism Not Valid?
If you cannot refute a person's arguments for theism then how is it that you can now become an "atheist"? I thought you had to go through study and research in order to become an "atheist". Or is it that if you just don't want to follow moral principles anymore or you don't want to follow a God anymore then it is reasonable to turn to "atheism"?

You Know God Exists
...deep down, the atheist knows all too well that God is real! The atheist, like a young child, decides to ignore God's existence and eschew a moral existence because he feels that God has disappointed him.  If his puppy dies, if his parents beat him, or if he doesn't get a bike for Christmas, then he says to himself, "god does not exist."

Macroevolution Doesn't Occur
I am completely confused how you can talk about Microevolution and Macroevolution the same. You say in your article that they are for the most part the same but that is not at all correct. Microevolution is changes to a species in small ways that may help them adapt to their environment or happens through breeding. This has been seen and proven true.

Faith and Religion
I think that you generalize religion too much. Just because I have faith in God, I don't think that all faith is justified.... I believe in the one true God. The Bible is a love letter written to human kind. I believe that it is completely true in every way and that it provides me with all of the moral and ethical instruction I need to live the life that God wants me to live.

Law and Religion
I have been reviewing your site trying to find out why people who believe the way you believe want to tell the majority how to believe and worship, or even express our God. This whole controversy has caused me to read the entire Constitution and it only says that Congress can make no law in regard to religion.

Postmodern Theologian
I came across your "area" while searching for some information about the Southern Baptists. I was wondering, if you do not believe, and are an "atheist" why do you spend time insulting what others believe instead of uplifting your view. While I am not a supporter of the position the SBC has taken, I am less impressed with your mean-spirited approach.

What do Atheists Do?
I just want to know if atheists practice anything like sacrificing animals or anything sort of devilish? I don't know much about the subject, so sorry to be ignorant to it. But I was told once that they do sacrifice goats.

Atheism & Hope
I just want to ask you a question which I'm sure you will be glad to answer. It is this: If you don't believe in God, if you don't believe that we were created by Him for a greater purpose than satisfying ourselves and for more than just living a finite life on this earth, what hope do you have?

God's War
Thank you for this site, it has been enlightning and valuable for me, I realize even more that the truth of God's word is more valid today and more realavent than it ever was. The Bible declares that there is a war out there a war between pricipalities. God"s word futher state that if we are not for Him we are against Him.

Bitter Atheists
Hey Austin, it must really suck living life so angry all the time. you appear to be a very bitter individual. Im not judging you, Im just saying it appears that way.

Atheism & Evolution
So, do atheists believe in evolution, since they believe there are no gods?

How Can You Not Believe?
I will pray for you. I truly believe that you are wrong. However, each of us must make their own way in life and your way is not mine. I do not begin to understand how anyone could not believe in God just look at your hands those fine bones and muscle could man make that? Again, I will pray for you whether you want me to or not it is my right to do so.

Atheism and Faith
Logically, you cannot have a "lack of belief in". What you have to do instead is "believe in the lack of" deity. If you want to be agnostic and simply say "I don't know if deity(ies) exist or not", then do so. It is easier, and better, to change your label than to try to change a definition all of us are using to try to communicate better.

God Will Send You To Hell
When you are in dire trouble, do you ever catch yourself looking for help from someone who doesn,t exist? When you die and they put you into the ground, do you never (Honestly) think what is going to happen to you? If you have doubts then by your definition you are not an atheist.

Faith vs. Atheism
I find your attempt to logically compare faith to athiesm somewhat amusing. Faith isn't logical, it just is. Therefore, it is illogical for you to compare the two. One interesting point you had though, was that faith could be a feeling . I believe you're correct. That is a kind of trust and conceivably be the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Just Give God a Chance
i'm now writing to criticize just to bring forth a suggestion. I know that atheism does not include God. In other words, atheists do not believe In the existence of Jesus Christ. However, i feel that everybody should give a chance to God. After all, miracles do exist. There are people who believe in aliens yet don't believe in God.

I wanted to express my concern over the fact that the atheism news letter seems to be turning into the gay newsletter. I am not necessarily against gays living the lifestyle they want but my interest is in God exists or not, the dangers of religious power and so forth.

Christianity Under Attack
Unfortunately, you are a carnal-minded person, who really needs to seek God for yourself....If you think that my statement was suppose to make you see, you are sadly mistaken. You need Jesus, He doesn't need you......Remember that.

Objectivity of This Site
It is obvious that you have a very ill informed. I realize that you would like to think that you are being objective and open-minded, but it seems that had you investigated your opinion on the existence of God you would have come to entirely different conclusions. Furthermore, your views on Christianity and/or Christians in general are very judgmental and lack objective thought.

Government Support of Religion
If Mr. Cline would read the writings of our forefathers (including the Declaration of Independence), it is clear they founded our country, and its laws, on the laws of God found in the Christian Bible. ... It is quite clear that the Constitution of the United States is being misinterpreted in order to further the agenda of the liberal left.

I'll Pray For You
I have just added you to my prayer list. You are obviously a very misguided individual, but that is how Satan works. The fact that you do not believe in the one and only true GOD does not make Him any less real. Unfortunately, I am afraid that your heart is so hardened and your eyes so blinded that you will not confess Him as Lord until it is too late.

In my humble opnion, I don't have to look to religion to feel that homosexuality is not a desired behavior or lifestyle. Science has show that through millions of years of evolution, life on this planet has one goal, reproduction. Therefore I would have to assume that humans are no different, and that our genetic programing, to work "right" would promote behaviors to ensure reproduction.

A Disgruntled Christian
Well, I have just read this site and I am appalled by how Jesus message and life are misconstrued. True, I believe in free speech, however, I see this to be very incorrect and anyone who has studied the bible should know much better. ... God cannot sin because he defines what sin is. Therefore, in order to put down Jesus teachings one is saying that he was human.

Former Atheist
I am a former atheist, and since becomming a biblical christian I have not been able to find any atheists who can defend their position without resorting to "I just beleive it that's why" Surely your religion can do better than this!! I am very polite and do not yell or rant or rave or resort to "that is just a mystery of faith arguments" except when the atheist says so first.

Design Argument
Hi. An atheist states that the design argument for god is flawed because it is circular. But how? Science acknowledges that there is a design to the universe through repeated research. Besides, it is obvious to anyone who looks!

Tell Austin Cline that his agreement with the blasphemous "Episcopal Bishop" John Shelby Spong set them both up for a fiery eternity. Enjoy hell!

Educated Christians
How do you deal with a highly educated person like myself that knows for a truth that Jesus Christ is actually living today. I know this because my prayers to Him are answered routinely and regularly. How do you figure ?

Order Beyond Our Senses
Any atheist is a fool to not be able to comprehend the obvious fact that there is order to the macocosum and order to the microcosium. This order is beyond our limited senses, but, very much apparent. What it means is beyond science. Hope-fully at least we can understand beyond the properties of gravity to controling the dynamics there-of.

God is the Highest Authority
I have a question for you. When you reach the end of your road and you must go to meet the one you spent years denying what defense are you going to use as to why you refused to believe. Could it be that your intellectual pursuits motivated by the need to bolster your ego have fooled you...

Praying For You
Isn't it terrible that someone, Jesus, actually hung on a cross and died for you? How terrible. My family and I will be praying daily for you.

New Age & Codependency
I thought this article, "New Age FAQ: Codependency," was okay. But also really ignorant. You almost knew what you were talking about, but your lack of research and true understanding of the topic makes you no authority. You too are a frustrated lay-person. Do you see that? ...You almost sound like a ranting, angry man.

What Purpose?
tell me how someone (you) can believe in NOTHING? what do YOU BELIEVE will happen to you when you die? so what is the purpose of YOUR being here on this planet? i don't understand what your kind thinks...do you think?

Got your atheism ***** newsletter! You stupid *****, You are a real piece of *****! You ***** ***** *****, where do you get off spaming this garbage over the internet? ***** I wish and pray to God that scum like yourself would crawl in a hole and die. You probably have Aids, and want to make everyone's life miserable before you die, which couldn,t be to soon, *****!

Questions About Atheism
I understand you must know alot about atheism, your the guide to this site, so i was wondering if you could explain what happens when humans die? if there is no heaven, then what? Christianity has nothing to do with acting a certain way, but everything to do with believing Jesus is the Son of God. I've been a Christian for 17 years, not because my parents want me to be but because...

Science and Evolution
I noticed on your argument for evolution you, like most evolutions who praise and worship Darwin, started from the time that animals were swimming in the oceans. To make a real and valid argument you need to go to the beginning and start from the BEGINNING, from the FIRST cell. Where did that come from? Did it just pop into the ocean? So far I have yet to see science explain that one.

Proving God Doesn't Exist
Can you prove god does not exist... and what did that guy neitche say on his death bed .i heard rumor that he denounced his atheism/agnosticism... you better keep thinking your position... go to rzim.com if you need help thinking!

Moore and a Christian United States
It is a historical fact that neither you nor those opposed to our belief in God can deny that the USA was founded by Christians trying to escape persecution in their own countries. The USA is a Christian country and just because you and others either do not believe in God or worship some other deity or religious symbol does not change that fact.

God is Love
I realize in your efforts to believe that there is no god and to persuade others as well, that you have overlooked the fact that in all religions the only thing there is for us to learn is LOVE and NO you don't have to believe in the Christian God to believe in love ,but it is what any God is trying to teach humans.

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