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Larry Darby: Atheist Law Center, Holocaust Denial, White Nationalism

Larry Darby is a prominent atheist activist. He founded the Atheist Law Center in Alabama and was involved in high-profile chruch/state cases, like Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument. He is involved in Holocaust Denial and White Nationalism, making Larry Darby an embarrassment to atheists. He invited David Irving to speak at an Atheist Law Center event, spoke at a White Nationalist meeting, and ran for attorney-general on a racist platform. Larry Darby is an atheist, but an embarrassing one.

Larry Darby Wants to be Alabama Governor
Unsuccessful in his attempt to be chosen by the voters as the Democratic candidate for attorney general, Larry Darby is appealing to a "higher power" in a bid to be the Democratic candidate for governor: the Alabama Democratic party leadership. These are the same leaders who recently voted that they don't want Larry Darby in their party at all.

Alabama: Democrats Don't Want Larry Darby in their Party
Well, it's official. Sort of. The Alabama Democratic Party's executive committee has passed a resolution telling Larry Darby that "he is not welcome in the Alabama Democratic Party." Like there should have been any question about that? Unfortunately the resolution has no legal weight - party officials will still have to determine if he is "qualified" to run each time he tries to run as a Democrat.

Larry Darby to Run for Congress
I said back when Larry Darby lost the Democratic primary for governor that we hadn't heard the last of him and I was right. He's decided to run for Congress now - and, as before, he's running as a Democrat. This time the state Democratic party knows who he is and what he believes, so they might be able to block him from associating his name with them. What will he do if that happens?

Larry Darby & Conspiracy Theories: Finding Order by Finding Enemies
Conspiracy theories are popular among people of all political persuasions - left, right, and everywhere in between. Conspiracy theories tell people that there is order in the world despite the apparent chaos and that there are identifiable enemies who are to blame for all that one has suffered.

Larry Darby Proclaims He is a Christian Now
No longer an atheist who denies the Holocaust and promotes White Supremacy alongside his anti-Semitism, Larry Darby is now just another Christian who denies the Holocaust and promotes White Supremacy alongside his anti-Semitism. As an atheist doing such things, he at least was unusual; now he's completely mundane and much less newsworthy.

Larry Darby: His Atheism is Bad, but Holocaust Denial Isn't
Political analysts in Alabama are still trying to figure out why Larry Darby did so well in the Democratic primary. What's interesting about their comments is that they seem more concerned that an atheist did so well than about how a Holocausts Denier, Anti-Semite, and White Supremacist did so well.

Larry Darby Loses, But Still Gloats
In Larry Darby's quest to become the Democratic candidate for Alabama's Attorney General, he came much closer than most people probably expected. He lost, fortunately, but he ultimately received more actual votes than either Roy Moore and George Wallace, J., two people who should have done very well on name recognition alone.

Atheist Race Traitor? White Nationalists Lash Out at Larry Darby
The saga of Larry Darby, an atheist who has come out of the closet as a White Supremacist, racist, and Holocaust Denier, appears to have degenerated from tragedy into farce. Yes, I'm sure that people are surprised that it could get any worse, but it has: Darby's erstwhile White Supremacist supporters have discovered that he has two bi-racial children and this has many of them incensed.

Larry Darby: Shoot or Hang Illegal Aliens
People in Alabama who vote for Larry Darby for attorney general will be voting to put in office a man who advocates hanging or shooting illegal aliens. It's not enough to simply impose martial law on Alabama, but illegal aliens would be hunted down like animals.

Larry Darby: Going Downhill, Picking Up Speed
I wrote recently about how Larry Darby appears to be going off the deep end %u2014 recent statements in the press, however, make him look even worse than before. He'll certainly lose badly, but I suppose that only means that he'll be looking for something else annoying to do with his time.

Larry Darby Shilling for White Supremacism, Racism
Already having made a name for himself for anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial, Larry Darby appears to be determined to push the envelope ever further by adopting ever more extreme and odious positions. If there was ever any doubt that Larry Darby is probably a White Supremacist and a racist, that was dispelled by his decision to travel to New Jersey to speak at a National Vanguard meeting.

Larry Darby Going Right Off the Deep End
Is there nothing that is too noxious, too hateful, too bigoted, and too insane for Larry Darby to say? I suppose that all political candidates have to distinguish themselves in some way - otherwise they won't even be remembered, much less get votes. Darby is certainly doing that and he seems to revel in negative attention. Maybe he's gotten used to being unable to get any other kind...

Poll: Atheists Giving a Platform for Holocaust Deniers
Is it appropriate for atheist or free thought groups to give a platform for Holocaust Deniers?

Is Larry Darby's Support Growing or Dwindling?
It's unfortunate, but a number of atheists are defending or even supporting Larry Darby's Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitic drivel. This is a sad demonstration that being an atheist doesn't make a person more rational or more moral than a theist, but at least not everyone is buying the nastiness he is selling.

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 1
"I just read your ad hominem (speling?) attack on David Irving and it leads me to believe that you care not the least bit for the truth but are politically motivated."

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 2
"If you have read a lot on WW2 and can't see David Irving's valuable contributions you must be even more of a fraud than I thought."

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 3
Larry Darby, now infamous in atheist circles for having given David Irving a platform on which he could spread his views, received a mysterious email from someone complaining about me. Strangely, this person has apparent knowledge about the conversation I had with Juel and posted about the past two days. Could it be the same person?

Mailbag: Atheists, Holocaust Denial, and Ideology, Part 4
Many critics of Intelligent Design supporters who ask that we "teach both sides" in science classes have analogized this to the Holocaust: should we also teach the "side" of Holocaust Denial in history classes? I never imagined that this analogy might be used in the opposite direction, but that must be the fault of my limited imagination.

Holocaust Denial, Atheism, and Atheists in America
I've written before about Larry Darby, his obsession with Jews, and his involvement with notorious Holocaust Denier David Irving (perhaps Holocaust Apologist would be more accurate, just as he is an apologist for Nazism). I've refrained from calling Larry Darby a Holocaust Denier, but evidence indicates that he does indeed deny the historical reality of the Holocaust.

More on Larry Darby's Anti-Semitism
Is Larry Darby an anti-Semite? He invited a notorious Holocaust Denier, anti-Semite, and self-admitted fascist to give a speech and defended this by saying he simply supports 'free speech.' In his regular newsletter emails, Jews, Israel, and Zionism are often mentioned far more often than atheism and atheists. The evidence is pretty strong.

Changes at the Atheist Law Center
The Atheist Law Center has done a lot to raise the profile of atheists and their concerns in Alabama, but all that has recently been overshadowed by Larry Darby's antics with Holocaust Denial and "historian" David Irving. This may change now that Darby has stepped down as president in order to pursue elected office.

Atheist Attracting Attention Over Holocaust Denial Speech
Larry Darby, the president of Alabama's Atheist Law Center, is attracting increasing attention for his antics. Having David Irving, a notorious Holocaust Denier, anti-Semite, and apologist for fascism, speak at his group was just the first step. Now, his efforts to justify his actions keep digging him in deeper and deeper.

Atheists, Anti-Semitism, and Holocaust Denial
Atheists are generally committed to the principle of free speech, especially where criticism of religion is concerned. Should this commitment lead atheists to give a platform to Holocaust Deniers and help them spread their disinformation?

Ten Commandments Road Show
Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument has hit the road to visit loyal far-right religious believers all over the South. First stop: Dayton, Tennessee, the site of the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial.

Atheists Denied Equal Treatment?
It is an unfortunate experience of many atheists that their positions and idea aren't as tolerated as those of just about anyone else. This seems to be the reason behind the treatment of an atheist group in Alabama where no politician is willing to sponsor a "rainy day" location for a planned rally at the Capitol - even though they do sponsor such things for other groups all the time.

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