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Kitzmiller v. Dover: Teaching Intelligent Design in the Dover Schools

In Dover, Pennsylvania, the school board decided to introduce Intelligent Design into 9th grade science classes and undermine the teaching of evolution be describing it as merely a theory, different from the rest of science. This was done for religious reasons and the school board was sued. A long, scathing decision explored the religious nature of Intelligent Design and ruled against Dover.

Kitzmiller v. Dover: Summary and Analysis of the Decision Against Dover's...
The Dover Area School Board voted on October 18, 2004, that students in the schools should be 'made aware of gaps/problems in Darwin's theory and of other theories of evolution including, but not limited to, intelligent design.' This was the first time in America that any schools at any level would specifically promote Intelligent Design. It...

Intelligent Design & Creationism: Intelligent Design is Re-Labeled Creationism
In reviewing the history of religious opposition to evolution generally and the Intelligent Design movement in particular, Judge Jones found a clear continuity between the two. He thus concluded that Intelligent Design as introduced into Dover schools is simply the newest format used by religious opponents of evolution to get their religious...

Intelligent Design & Evolution: Opposition to Teaching Evolution is Religious
Why is there opposition to the teaching of evolution? You won't find such opposition among scientists and educators - you only find it in particular religious communities who believe that evolution contradicts certain basic religious doctrines of theirs. This is what happened in Dover. Ultimately, attempts to undermine evolution in Dover's...

Intelligent Design & Disclaimers: Anti-Evolution Disclaimers Promote...
Increasingly popular with the anti-evolution crowd are disclaimers that purport to tell students the 'truth' about evolution which the scientific orthodoxy attempts to hide. The Dover school board was no exception and a disclaimer was supposed to be read before each 9th grade science class. The fact that the purpose of the changes in Dover was...

Intelligent Design & God: Intelligent Design is Based upon Belief in a...
Science is a process for discovering testable, natural explanations for events around us. Intelligent Design is based on the premise that a supernatural god - specifically the God of traditional Western, philosophical monotheism - is responsible for events around us. Belief in such a god is wedded to particular religious conceptions of the...

Intelligent Design & Theology: Intelligent Design is Re-Labeled Religious...
If opposition to teaching evolution is invariably religious and if defense of Intelligent Design is invariably based upon the promotion of religious beliefs, then it's inescapable that the Dover School Board's decision to introduce Intelligent Design while denigrating evolution represented an unconstitutional endorsement of particular religious...

Intelligent Design & Christianity
If it's not bad enough that Intelligent Design promotes religion and belief in the god of Western, philosophical monotheism, the Dover trial also revealed that Intelligent Design is generally focused on promoting Christianity in particular. Jews, Muslims, and other monotheists - not to mention polytheists, pantheists, atheists, deists, etc. -...

Intelligent Design & Science: Intelligent Design is not Science or Scientific
Advocates of Intelligent Design don't want their beliefs taught in philosophy or history classes, they want them taught in science classes. Thus they need to portray Intelligent Design as scientific - after all, if it's not science then why should it be taught in a Dover science class? By absolutely every standard and measure, however,...

No Secular Purpose to Intelligent Design: Teaching Intelligent Design is...
To pass both constitutional and scientific muster, the presentation of Intelligent Design in science classes must have a secular purpose. The Dover School Board claimed that such a purpose existed and argued that they wanted to promote critical thinking by casting doubt on an established aspect of science without any scientific justification....

PA Judge Rules Intelligent Design Unconstitutional
U.S. Politics Guide Kathy Gill covers the story: "A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled today that "it is unconstitutional to teach intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in a public school classroom.""

Intelligent Design: What do Muslims believe?
Islam Guide Huda writes: "Muslims believe that Allah (God) created the heavens and the earth in perfect harmony and balance, and that He continues to reign over His creation. Most Muslims find no conflict between this belief and current scientific theories regarding the creation of earth and ongoing evolution."

Judge Rules Out Intelligent Design
Christianity Guide Mary Fairchild writes: "I believe it requires more "faith" to accept a theory that says our amazingly precise, intricately complex universe just exploded into being out of nothingness, than to believe in an intelligent Creator."

Dover: Intelligent Design Opponents Labeled Atheists
One of the interesting things to come out of the Dover trial over teaching Intelligent Design was the naked religious hostility displayed by those supporting Intelligent Design. Over and over, those who opposed ID reported that they were accused of being atheists and experienced pressure from others because of it.

Pat Robertson Warns Dover: Rejecting ID Means Rejecting God
In recent elections, voters in Dover, Pennsylvania, turned away all of the school board members who had supported the introduction of creationism into public school science classes. Every single one lost to someone who supported science. In response, Pat Robertson said that God may punish them for rejecting Him.

Michael Behe: Astrology is a Scientific Theory
A leading proponent of Intelligent Design, Michael Behe has been testifying in the Dover, Pennsylvania trial over whether Intelligent Design should be taught in public school. It's not uncommon for critics of Intelligent Design to compare it to astrology - should astrology be taught in science classes alongside astronomy? Behe may not think think that's a bad idea.

Dover: Board Members Favored Burning of Evolution Mural
The longer the Dover trial over Intelligent Design goes on, the worse the supporters of Intelligent Design sound. I don't think a single thing favorable to them has occurred, but one of the most interesting is the story about how school board members applauded the burning of a student mural which depicted evolution

Non-Religious Intelligent Design Defended by Christian Lawyers
The Dover Area School District is defending in court its decision to include Intelligent Design theology in its classes. The school absolutely insists that Intelligent Design is not even religious, much less favoritism towards one religion. Why, then, are they being defended by a law firm the specializes in defending Christians' rights?

ID Experts Withdrawn from Dover Trial
The attempt to teach creationism (in the guise of Intelligent Design) in Dover, Pennsylvania, has split the residents there. Apparently, it has also split the pro-creationism forces because three of the main pro-creationism experts have been removed by the law firm defending creationism.

Science Splits Pennsylvania Town
Debates over evolution continue to cause problems in Dover, Pennsylvania, where high school biology teachers are expected to teach doubts about evolutionary theory. Local Christians are complaining about the influence of "intelligent, educated" people in America.

Travesty in Dover
Discussion of "Intelligent" Design in schools in Dover, Pennsylvania has gone forward despite objections from civil libertarians and scientists, but that "discussion" isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Supporters argued that they were introducing more debate and critical thinking to the science curriculum, but the reality is very different.

Dover Creationists: Liars for Jesus?
It is difficult, and arguably impossible, to defend "Intelligent" Design honestly. It falls so far short of science is and so obviously pursued for religious reasons that anyone trying to assert the opposite would be hard pressed to mount an argument that is honest and fair. It seems that dishonesty on the part of creationists may extend to courtrooms as well.

Intelligent Design and Religion
Many defenders of "Intelligent" Design insist that it is a scientific position being pursued for scientific reasons. They emphatically deny that it is a religious position being pursued for religious reasons. Leaders and founders of the movement, however, have made a number of comments that state exactly the opposite of this.

Pennsylvania: Intelligent Design Going Forward
In Dover, Pennsylvania, the teaching of "Intelligent" Design appears to be going forward. The families suing the school district won't ask a judge to block the lessons, feeling that any judicial action should only occur after a full hearing on the matter rather than via a summary court order.

Pennsylvania: Board Stands Behind Intelligent Design
The Dover, Pennsylvania, school district that wants to teach "Intelligent" Design in science classes isn't backing down from their decision. On the contrary, they continue to insist that their decision is necessary - not for science, but for values and religion.

Pennsylvania: School To Fight Intelligent Design Lawsuit
The Dover school district in Pennsylvania has apparently decided to fight the ACLU lawsuit challenging their move to teach "Intelligent" Design in science classes. This will eat through a great deal of time and money but the result is already obvious: the district will lose, the students will lose, and taxpayers will lose.

Pennsylvania: Board Member Pressured To Support Intelligent Design
Angie Yingling used to be on the School Board in Dover, Pennsylvania. She was one of the board members who voted to approve teaching "Intelligent" Design to the poor students there - not because she believed in it, but because she was pressured and even arguably threatened.

ACLU Suing Over Intelligent Design
I've written before about the misguided decision to teach "Intelligent" Design in Dover, Pennsylvania. The ACLU has announced a lawsuit against the school district to challenge their authority to teach that the universe must have been created by some higher power.

Creationists Stumbling Backwards
The creationists who decided to inject "Intelligent" Design into the Dover area schools' science curriculum have begun to step back a bit from their lunacy. They aren't quite ready to admit the colossal error, but they are trying to re-frame their actions to make it look like they are idiots. It's not really working.

Pennsylvania: School Mandates Teaching 'Intelligent' Design
The Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania will earn a slot in history alongside such illustrious places like Kansas, where science and modernity are eschewed in favor of religiously-motivated ignorance and deception. Why? Because the school board has voted to require the teaching of so-called "Intelligent" [sic] Design.

Pennsylvania School District Considering Anti-Darwin Texts
The Dover School Board in Pennsylvania is considering use of the book Of Pandas and People: the Central Question of Biological Origins in ninth-grade biology classes. This isn't a real biology text; instead, it's book designed to push Intelligent Design through the guise of teaching the "debate" between evolution and creationism.

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