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Jews and Judaism: History, Theology, and Community of Judaism

What is Judaism and what is its connection to other religions like Christianity and Islam? What role have Jews played in history and how have adherents of other religions treated them?
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Muslim Anti-Semitism: Holocaust Denial Among Muslims, Palestinians
Holocaust Denial is usually conceived of as a Western phenomenon, something indulged in by antisemitic bigots in America, Europe, and other Western nations. We should not miss the fact that it has become very popular in the Islamic world as well. Holocaust Denial fuels Muslim Antisemitism and may pose a serious problem for the possibility of any peace in the future.

Israeli Disregard of Palestinian Lives
One criticism often leveled against the Israeli government is that it seems to completely disregard the lives and interests of Palestinians - whether Muslim or Christian - as if they had less value than the lives and interests of Israeli Jews. There is some merit to this criticism and evidence of such an attitude can be traced right back to the beginnings of the Zionist movement.

Anti-Semitism as a Reaction to the Holocaust
In the past, anti-Semitism was a product of many different religious and social forces. Anti-Semitism in Europe today, though, appears to have a different source: it may be in part a reaction to the Holocaust, the ultimate and monstrous product of past anti-Semitism. How is this possible?

Judaism FAQ: Index
Index of terms, concepts and people relevant to the study of Judaism and Jewish history.

Politically, Zionism can be seen as a secularization of Jewish messianic hopes. Throughout Jewish history, Orthodox believers have awaited the appearance of a messiah. Over time, however, people began to grow impatient and many started to take an active hand in matters by arguing that this gathering needed to occur before the messiah came.

What is Antisemitism?
Antisemitism might strictly be used to refer to hatred of or hostility towards any member of the racial group "Semites," but in practice it is only used to refer to hatred of or hostility towards Jews and Judaism.

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